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  1. Driver for nForce4 LAN

    Thanks for your answer eno, I will try that nForceLAN kext. Yesterday I tryed both default kext in Leo4all, but with the same result... with manual set of IP address, mask and DNS it looks set well, but does not connect to internet and network properties are green except internet point and the one under that, they are both orange. When I try to ping or something, it says "no root to host" or something like that.
  2. Driver for nForce4 LAN

    Hello all, yesterday I installed my first Mac OSX, Leo4All 4.1 version. Configuration of my PC is this: AMD 64X2 6000+ MSI K9N SLI Platinum with nForce 570 2x Gigabit LAN with Vitesse chipset(if i remember correctly its VCS-8601 or so) ATI HD3870 SATA HDD After some customizing(setting of sound and graphics drivers, let default 9.5 kernel and chose network to forcedeth-v, where is writen something like "recomended for nforce") the instalation finished succesfully, everything works except network. Between PC and router I have Zyxel switch, which should prove, that no configuration is needed and IP configuration will go automaticaly thru DHCP(at least on WinXP it works like that). So I chose automatic configuration thru DHCP in the System preferences, DNS left empty, as well as other things. But It says, it cannot retrieve ip address and tell me to define that manually. So I set the configuration manually as: IP, DNS, mask and router IP as After clicking Continue button, it writes Configuring... and after a while shows error. Please, does someone know, where can be the problem and how to handle that? Or is my network card unsupported on Mac OS-X?