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  1. GTX 750 Ti

    Hi guys, I have the Asus 750 to OC 2gb and I'm having trouble recreating the success that you have had. I've tried to flash the bios with all the variants that seem compatible, reading through this thread. But every time I flash a bios that isn't the original, my screen goes black after a couple of seconds of displaying normally. This is true on osx (Sierra) and windows 10. It's the same on all the different ports, too. It's like the flashing is stopping the card working, somehow. Any ideas??
  2. Hey everyone, Ive installed iATKOS v.4 on my pc, and managed to get everything working (networking, sound, video etc) but my processor (an intel Q9550) is displaying a clock speed of just 2.0ghz instead of the 2.83 it really clocks at. I was wondering whether this was a purely cosmetic problem with the 'about this mac' screen, but then i tested with geekbench and got a result quite a bit lower that what id expect! Anyone else experienced this? Is there some kext work around? Maybe BIOS settings that need changing, though I cant think what that could be... Your help is gratefully recieved! Dan