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    oso2k reacted to Dylan9999 in [Guide] Z820 - El Capitan The great guide (Sucess)   
    Hi all, my first post here. There is another success story with HP Z620 2x E5-2670v1 and GTX 1060.

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    oso2k reacted to Jimmy Steve in [Guide] Z820 - El Capitan The great guide (Sucess)   
    Sorry, I missed this reply and I've already dumped the OS and cloned back to nix, (was only on OSX to export some old final cut projects). The BIOS ver is j61 v03.91, the boot block date is 12/28/2011 and the FW version is  I don't have the DSDT SSDT or config.plist files, but I can tell you that I ran it with the latest clover and clover configurator as of Friday, 21 April 2017. I didn't even bother with the AppleHDA and just used VoodooHDA as I knew I was going back to linux today, (need the machine for work tomorrow).
    The thing ran amazingly well and I was able to export my projects and media from an old sata disk in no time.
    Here it is doing work: