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  1. hi, i got the same problem. i tested many BT usb keys, but nothing new. and one day, i don't know why, i worked. 'cause since i got my BT apple keyboard, it worked well. but when i got my MMouse, when i used both, sometimes when i clicked my keyboard was disconnecting few seconds, and it was the same with the MM 'cause i used my keyboard. i was thinking it was my BT key the problem, but when i connected my MM to show it to one of my friend, the problem disappeared, and since, everything work well. i hope you'll be lucky as me.
  2. thanx, i's probably my graphic card, i have to wait for the support of it.
  3. first, happy new year. about OSX, even with the commands you gave me, it doesn't work, dns responder error, or i o a grey screen wih messaage that tells me to reboot he machine and push my restart button, ..... i beginning to believe that something is impossible, at list on my computer. i don't know what i gota do after that. and for the drivers i got to choose at the install, i really don't know which one i have to, for eminder, my video card is an nvidia gtx260. please, any solution?????????? thanx.
  4. hi, i go a problem after the installation. during the boot, i get this message: http://picasaweb.google.fr/gravoutron/2008...896667404192754 i tried every commands like -v -x -f -s. if someone has a solution to fix it, it should be great. thanx. @ TADPOLE: hi, i tried your commands, but it tells me that the file is in read only mode. i couldn't change the access to my partition. do yoiu have a solution?
  5. where, when and what i gotta do to log as root? i tried -v, -v -x, -x -f, -v -x -f.i tried the terminal the the install dvd boot. good option? thanx for your help. thanx
  6. @rober_xes: hi, i tried your solution, but the command prompt -x-F doesn't work, the boot freeze all the time. maybe, sorry for that, can you explain step-by-step. that's amazing, 'cause i get the same config of you, but the graphic card, and it doesn't work easily. it worked for you, why no for me? thanx
  7. @robert_xes: thanx for your help. should i tape this command after boot with install dvd, and use the terminal command window? if it's the way i gotta do, can i do this even if i already installed IDENEB, just with bypass the hard drive boot, and use the install dvd? sorry about that, but i'm not a great mac "aficionados" actually. thanx
  8. @robert_xes: hi, i made what you told me, but a screen appears after, during the boot, and his is the following: http://picasaweb.google.fr/gravoutron/Desk...556329019593042 any solution, 'cause after many weeks of tries, i'm otaly disapointed, i'd like to use OSX, but i really don't want to give up. please help me. i give you again my conf: processor: E8400(3ghz) motherboard : p5q no suffix video card: nvidia GTX 260 (768 mb) HD: 500 Go SATA HITACHI, seagate 1To SATA, seagate 160 Go SATA cdrom : LG dvd-rom SATA display : dual screen 22' x2 WIFI card : trendnet TEW-421pc thanx. seb
  9. @ robert_xes: hi, i got a new problem, so if u can explain me step-by-step how i can boot on mac osx, it should be great.(bios options, boot command, etc) even the steps for installation, 'cause i'm not sure i choosed the good options for the customized insallation. hanx again.
  10. i can't go back with the 1501bios, 'cause the sofware for vista tells the bios 1501 is older than mine(1611), ad when i go in the ezflash dos software, it tells me that the boot blocks are not valide. how can i downgrade my bios in 1501, please. thanx
  11. @ robert_xes: my error message is the following: http://picasaweb.google.fr/gravoutron/20081213# i made 2 pictures for the visibility.
  12. my config: dual core E8400 asus P5Q 4 gb corsair nvidia gtx 260 HDD 500 SATA DVD SATA
  13. thanx, i did it, i've now during the boot some yellow lies ( i boot with -v -x options). i've a mac os version : 9F33 but the same problem. and when i use the grey screen with apple, now, a new message appears after seconds that says i've to push my power button for few seconds to reboot the computer. idea? thanx a lot for your help!!!
  14. thanx for that, but with ezflash, it tells me: "boot block file is not valid", and nothing happens! i can't flash! any idea? thanx