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  1. An update… for those who care! I think speedstep is functioning correctly because I installed cpu-x and VoodooPState.kext. I could see the core speed and multiplier changing. I am concerned about the core temp etc. though (see attached screenshot) I also think either my BIOS flash to the latest 3001, or my DSDT (currently the default one installed by 314ters Boot CD - 3001 e6600/e6750 4GB) that is causing kernel panics when put under strain. BIOS - can i downgrade using osx? The EZ flash utility doesnt allow downgrading. DSDT - would anyone be kind enough to edit a DSDT for me? Im having trouble myself. I have provided my p states below. My processor is the Intel Core 2 duo e4500, I have 4GB RAM. Again any help is appreciated. Thanks. dsdt.zip
  2. Having a bit of trouble editing my DSDT. I created one using 'DSDT Patcher' after my first clean install and then extracted 'dsdt.dsl' using IASLME. I used 'PStateChanger' to determine my various p states. (see attached) Would anyone mind having a look to see where I am going wrong? I get 3 errors when recompiling after following the guide here; http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=181631 Here is my system spec if it helps - my DSDT is attached (original) ASUS P5W-DH DELUXE Intel E4500 Nvidia GeForce 7300GT 4 GB RAM Any help is greatly appreciated. Let me know any more info is required. Thanks again. dsdt.zip
  3. Ah! You got me thinking, from my fresh install I updated to 10.6.3 (original was 10.6). Sorry to keep pestering you but does this seem like what could be the answer; http://netkas.org/?p=382 I didnt follow these steps before, just went ahead and updated (apart from the fix mentioned to get sound back)
  4. Thanks a lot. Had a quick look at that thread and it seems like it could be the answer! Ill give it a go tonight.
  5. I havent overclocked whatsoever so I think that will be unlikely. Before my Snow Leopard install I was running Leopard (iDeneb 10.5.5) and that was fine in terms of stability, so again I dont think my hardware is at fault. I followed all instructions, on page 55 of this thread, including the BIOS update for my motherboard. From reading up elsewhere my previous install disabled "AppleCPUPowerManagement.kext" whereas this current Vanilla SL install doesn't. Again, from what I gathered a correct DSDT.aml file will solve this problem of Kernel panics. So you may be correct when you think it is a power issue.
  6. Cheers for the reply shoarthing. Does my problem sound typical of a DSDT issue? Ill give your method a go tonight when i'm home. As for the editing, im a complete beginner. Are there certain values I will need to edit for each of my hardware components? Thanks again.
  7. Hi, I hope this thread is still reasonable active! First of all thanks for a great tutorial 314ter, its really helped me achieve what I want so far. Let me show you my system spec; ASUS P5W-DH DELUXE Intel E4500 Nvidia GeForce 7300GT 4 GB RAM I have successfully managed to install a retail Snow Leopard, but my problem comes with the DSDT. I updated my BIOS to the latest revision, 3001, but I keep getting kernel panics whenever I multitask or put my system under any kind of strain. Now from my limited knowledge I assume this is because I have not customised the default DSDT, that comes bundled with 314ter's iso. I would greatly appreciate it if someone could point me in the right direction for creating / amending my DSDT so I can get rid of these kernel panics, and tailor it to my current setup. What I am unclear about is the steps required to do this; 1. How do I create a dump of my own DSDT? 2. Could someone show me what values to edit in order to align it with my system? Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks again.
  8. horner

    Samsung NC10 UK revision

    Cool ill give that a go. I just find that when browsing the web it helps having that vertical trackpad scroll available to you - saves me mousing over to the scrollbars!
  9. horner

    Samsung NC10 UK revision

    Thanks for the reply Mysticus. Sorry, I had seen the trackpad plist fix but didnt see there was a full install as well. I can confirm it has successfully re-instated my trackpad preference pane. I dont suppose there is any possibility of enabling the trackpad scroll just yet? Anyway, thanks for your work. I have managed to get OS X installed with the minimum of problems.
  10. horner

    Samsung NC10 UK revision

    Can anyone advise me how I can get the trackpad preference pane back into my System Settings? The trackpad on my NC10 is way too sensitive! Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  11. horner

    iDeneb v1.3 10.5.5 Released!

    Im running on an Asus P5W - DH Deluxe, is it possible to install both 'ICHx Fixed' and 'JMicronATA'. I got a kernel panic when I rebooted after installing both? Its working fine at the minute but I have an IDE HDD I could do with using. Thanks
  12. That didnt work for me?! Also, I have noticed that things dont seem to be running as they should. I have iPC OSx86 10.5.6 installed with the following drivers; NVinject 256mb - GFX JMicron - IDE ALC882 - sound Realtek Drivers - Ethernet & Wireless USB Mount Fix I have also removed AppleHPET.kext and done as suggested above by adding the correct EFI string. If I go to System Prefs and test the screensaver 'Flurry', it is really jerky and not as it should be. Any ideas guys? Thanks. *EDIT* Just tried this with a Kalyway 10.5.2 install, then updated to 10.5.6 using combo update. Turns out Im still suffering from the same problems, is 10.5.6 not well supported with this mobo? A example message I receive is when I try and choose a different screensaver/wallpaper - "Error: Can’t load bundle"
  13. Nice one, did you just delete the file and then reboot?
  14. Cheers the reply. Ill give it a go when I get home and let you know how I get on.
  15. Hi Erño, Would you be able to let me know if deleting AppleHPET.kext worked in fixing your usb problem? I too am suffering the same problems as stated previously, where the usb will work on some boots and not others. Also, where is the kext located? Thanks in advance. Asus p5w-dh delxuxe e4500 Intel Core 2 Duo Zotac nVidia 7300GT