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  1. Mmmm I checked IOReg with and with no audio and it seems there is some differences, only in the part about the rear output. Also I noticed some differences in other places. "fffffffff" / "fffff" in some adresses (not an exact representation (I don't remember it exactly ) audio.tiff noaudio.tiff
  2. I'll try to do a full report instead. Anyway it's strange cause after Windows, the backl output doesn't work, but the front one works as usual. Also the outputs are listed properly. In fact my loudspeakers keeps making a buzz noise all the time if I load OS X after Windows.
  3. Hi did the LSPCI dumps with DarwinDumper, first with audio not working and the working. Hope this helps Thanks in advance. DarwinDumperReports.zip
  4. No luck. I added the option to Clover but nothing changed. Still no audio if I boot Os X after Windows without turning off the computer.
  5. Thanks a lot, I'll give a try and let you know. ?
  6. Thanks, I am already using the default plist. Now te only problem is I can't get if I boot OS X after Windows.
  7. Hi, I'm trying to get sound working in my GA-X99-UD4P with VoodooHDA 2.8.8 but although I get sound working using the front headphones jack, the rear green line output doesn't work at all. I tried to use <key>IOPCIPrimaryMatch</key> <string>0x090010ec</string> so I could start tweaking nodes (which I don't understand at all by now), but when I put the device id, OS X doesn't recognize it at all. Any help appreciated. Thanks in advance. EDIT: I figured that the problem has to do with Windows. If I boot Windows, then reboot and load Mac OS X the rear output doesn't work. But if I turn off the computer and boot again sound works perfectly. Any idea?
  8. Does anybody know how to fix the interrupts problem in x99 chipset? I have a GA-X99-UD4P and a 5820k but if I turn on XHCI in the BIOS there is a quite big performance hit. Geekbench results are worse by more than 2000 points. "power metrics -s interrupts" shows XHCI is creating thousands of interrupts and that seems to slow down the main core. Any idea about how to fix it? Thanks in advance.
  9. VooD

    XHCI Interrupts x99

    Me too. But no body seems to know how to solve it.
  10. Hi, I'm building a new hackintosh based on a 6 core i7 5920k. I'm using Clover 3300 in UEFI mode and VodooTSCsync,kext in order to be able to boot, but even with that kext working I still get a random number of "Unsynchronized TSC for cpu x" messages. I think it's affecting my cpu performance. In both, Windows 10 x64 and MacOS X 10.10.5 I get almost exactly the same single core performance result in GeekBench 3...but multicore results are almost 3000 points higher in Windows. I checked the cpu real speed in MacOS X using Intel Power Gadget, and both systems are running at the same speed. Any idea?
  11. VooD

    TSC DSDT Patch?

    I'm about to build a new computer with a Gigabyte x99-UDP4 and a 5820k cpu, and I read somewhere that VoodooTSCSync is mandatory in order to get all the 6 cores working. I like to keep my system as vanilla as possible. Is there a way to do the same job via DSDT patching? Also, I've been using the same PC for Os X for almost 8 years now, so I'm a bit lost about which DSDT patches and DSDT utilities are now useful. Any help aprecciated. Thanks in advance
  12. Ufff, el cacharro ese debe de samplear a 4khz o algo así. Suena horriblemente mal.
  13. Mountain Lion doesn't include x1950 pro drivers anymore T_T Any way to get graphics working ?
  14. Try with Lion and an EFI String.
  15. No it doesn't. This motherboard is not compatible with AICPUPM.kext unless you patch the kext itself. In a previous post I explained all I did in order to get the mobo working.