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  1. Hi. First thanks for all the great information on this site. Wth it, I have successfully installed and setup 10.5.5 and XP to dual boot (2 partitions on 1 drive). The default OS is currently set to LEO. I now have the PC connected to my TV and plan to use it as a media center. I use VNC and RDP to access and manage the machine via my laptop. However, when I want to switch the OS I have to go to the physical keyboard on the machine and, as you know, press F8 and chose XP at the darwin boot loader. I also have the XP boot loader setup that defaults to XP. If I"m in XP and need to reboot and want to stay in XP I have to go to the console again. I'd prefer not to get a wireless keyboard or other another device. **So I'm looking for a script(s) to be able to switch the active partion on the fly from the active OS partition to the other OS partition through VNC. So I would need two scripts, one for each OS. Wondering if this is feasible to do and if it would be stable as I see that at least in Leo, to switch the partitions you need/should to be in single user mode. Is anyone doing something similar and/or has a solution to this already? Setup: Motherboard GA-G33M-S2H, 2.33 GHz Core2Duo, 2GB Ram, 60GB HDD (Leo 10.5.5 / XP) + 500GB HDD