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  1. hello. I have tried myself everything but none was working. If you did't fix it already, this is what did the trick for me in 10.6.8 I added the efi-strings for my 8168 ethernet card in org.chameleon.boot.plist. Add this to your boot.plist and reboot. <key>device-properties</key> <string>4b00000001000000010000003f0000000100000002010c00d041030a0100000001010600041c0101060000007fff0400160000006200750069006c0074002d0069006e0000000500000001</string> Make sure you have this two lines too: <key>EthernetBuiltIn</key> <string>y</string> Reboot and it should be working. Cheers !
  2. Dual displays with XFX Radeon HD 4650!

    Hi. I have a saphire ati HD4650 512 gddr3 on EP45-ds3r motherboard. F10 bios and F10 dsdt.aml Using iatkos s3 v2 (10.6.3). Tried every method found on insanelymac but no luck. Now i have my gpu bios. It is .bin not .rom Can you explain what do i have to do in order to use it and make this card work ? Thank you.
  3. Hello. So, i have tried everything described by you here. First i was wrong believing that my card has 1gb of ram, actually is a saphire ati 4650 512 ram, on a GA EP45-DS3R mobo and iatkos SL 10.6.3. No luck. After installing those kexts, my screen was flickering. Booting in safe mode i had only 1024x768 and couldn't change it. Removing AtiRadeonx2000.kext solved the flickering, but resolution still on 1024x768. Sometimes with different kext i got the monitor switched off, so i bought a dvi-vga adaptor, but no luck either. Using RadeonHD framebuffer i could change resolution to 1680x1050 but no QI/CI . Can you help me out ? Should i use 10.6.7 or so? Thank you.
  4. I have tried every kext here, i could't get it to work on SL 10.6.3 My ATI is 4650 1gb Ram on GA EP-45DS3R. If anyone has a working 4650 1gbRam please share the knowledge Right now i have 1680x1050x32@60 resolution using RadeonHD framebuffer, but no QE/CI Thanks
  5. Most addictive Mac games

    Flatout 2 on my travelmate 5620 + geForce go 7300 using EFI strings. runs nice at 800 x 500 x 32, but shadows are ugly.
  6. I remember i've used to have one of Leo4all release.. and i wasn't happy with it. No patches and fixes included. Anyway since you can't control your notebook is useless to tell you to google for ApplePS2Controller.kext and you'll find it available for download. Then install it using OSX86 tools. But i can recommend you this : Obtain a copy of the latest iPC release. This is the best on the market yet (in my opinion, excluding vanilla installs) Then customize your installation (don't forget to select PS/2 fix) and you're good to go.
  7. Formatting PARTITION to HFS+

    Now don't get to angry on this. First of all.. this community may be the largest of this kind.. but many they came here looking for help as you and i did, and do not have the knowledge to help others. Furthermore i may say that you should have done a little OSX86 compatibility research before you buy any kind of hardware. From my personal experience i can tell that i've manage to get everything working using GOOGLE. Now i know exactly where i stand (regarding my hardware).. i know what to expect and what not to. I am sorry not to be very helpful here. I've used to search for resolutions to my problems.. for my specific hardware. I see you have a AMD cpu witch make things even worst (IMO) For your VGA check the new ATI injector from here : http://netkas.org/?p=104 or look for compatible EFI strings to get your card working (though i've seen a lot of ppl looking for a solution to this card). For audio: Delete azalia and any other audio .kext you may have installed (to do so navigate to /Sistem/Library/Extensions/ and look for it. You have to digit your password to be able to delete anything there) After that , you may want to delete /System/Library/Extensions.mkext also. Now install voodoohda from here http://voodoohda.googlecode.com/files/VoodooHDA.kext.zip and cross your fingers. I see you don't know anything about installing kexts Neither do i LOL. Anyway there is a little tool called "OSX86 tools" . You can install kext using that There is also "EFI studio" another great tool. I don't know if they already have EFI strings for your card. But you can try. Listen now: Boot your hackintosh and load your Leo install dvd. Choose "install Os X" and go ahead till you reach the "customize installation". Now go into customization and uncheck the main system , as you already have that. Go to fixes and patches and select this : 9.5.0 Voodoo Kernel, AppleNForceATA, AppleSMBIOS 800, Seatbelt Fix. You can improve your LAN using Forcedeath lan driver but i don't know if iPC has it. (i use the same iPC release and i don't remember to have seen Forcedeath around) so google-it ! You can select osx86 tools and Efi studio for installation now. They are right down on the bottom. Now get to work and let us know what's new !
  8. Acer Aspire 4530 Almost Working...

    would you mind sharing with us a little of this Acer specs ?
  9. Formatting PARTITION to HFS+

    Nicholas.. you don't need anyone to tell you nothing.. after all.. if you screw it you can get back and try not to repeat the same mistakes (this is how i did .. and a lot of reading) Anyway here is a piece of advice : Don't mess with the first installation by choosing all kind of patches and kext. If you've over with HDD problem.. try installing the system. Don't choose more than one driver per hardware (2 video drivers) as this is going to give you kernel panic. I would choose only PS/2 support.. and get on with it. After successful installation you can always add DTSC, fix and patches (if you need them) So.. go for it and let us know.
  10. Formatting PARTITION to HFS+

    I am not a Tech guru.. but i remember something about jumpers on HDD (to set it MASTER/SLAVE or cable select) . Have a look into this. You may try to plug in only 1 HDD during installation (you can add others later) Hope this helps. Let us know. Regards.
  11. I am far from being smart.. but why don't you try using EFI strings instead of injectors? Look for EFI studio.. or OSX86 tools. (remember to remove all injectors before using EFI) Cheers!
  12. Poor image quality

    Well.. i found the solution here : http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php...p;#entry1162858 Using EFI string provided by SkyZ, did the trick. Anyone having the same issue.. remove all NVinject and use EFI string. Case closed.
  13. GeForce GO 7300

    SkyZ you are great I used to have this NVinject GO before. I also asked for help.. because of my garbled and posterized graphics despite having full video support (CI,QE,QGL.). Using your HEX and following the tutorial.. now my display came to life .. thanks to you I think that nobody minds if i post here the string so ppl won't spend time looking elsewhere. NVS_QE.zip
  14. HP 2140 Leopard 10.5.7 Sleep Issue.

    First of all.. as osx boot very fast.. sleep isn't a great choice. Anyway.. disable hibernation by issuing "pmset -a hibernatemode 0" and remove /var/vm/sleepimage. (root needed) This should spare some space on your HDD and give you a fast sleep. Look in the console after came out from that "half sleep" ... for IOATAController blocking bus . If this is the case.. means that your HDD don't allow computer to sleep. (This is my case and so far i haven't done any research to fix it) If you don't want your pc to sleep when closing lid .. use "SleepLess" .
  15. I have installed 10.5.7 over my iPC version. I also installed all upgrades that came out from apple.. except airport and wireless related stuff (i am on Acer Travelmate with intel 3945ABG and no wifi support yet). No problem at all. Since i have 10.5.7 "about this mac" reports correctly my CPU (before was 1,03 mhz and correct is 1,66) I don't know if this upgrade did something good to my pc except what i said before.. but surely nothing bad Cheers.