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  1. Hey MaLd0n i wen't back to F6 bios cause F7 has issues with XMP memory profile and sometimes it wont post ,avoid it at all cost. Could you please repatch the DSDT?
  2. hey MaLd0n would it be possible to send me the 200series dsdt patches needed to make a brand new dsdt?? We have the same mobo im using F7 bios and your dsdt gives me a lot of acpi errors on boot and hangs there. Without custom dsdt Siera boots but i dont have proper device injection.I need to make a new DSDT.
  3. i have removed all internal usb2 ports from dsdt and injector since i don't use those... So to correct my previous statement i did kill some unused ports I guess in your case you got 13 ports that you need to config 1 usb3 case port which is either SSP01 HS01 or SSP02 HS02 (2ports) 1 usb2 case port which somewhere between HS07-HS12 (1port) 2 rear black HS05 HS06 (2 ports) 4 rear blue SSP03 SSP04 SSP05 SSP06 + HS03 HS04 HS09 HS10 (8 ports) Looks like we got the same board?
  4. Great guide thank you... In my case i have 6 blue ports + 2 black ports (total 14) so i didn't have to kill any ports
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    Best Wishes 2015!

    Happy and healthy 2015
  6. Octavecode

    OS X Mavericks 10.9.5 to Dev

    So this means 9-series won't reach macs? Ever?
  7. Octavecode

    GTX650 or GTX750?

    750 is not supported yet (i think) so better go for 650 - 650 ti - 650 ti boost or 660.
  8. Something is wrong here.my gtx660 scores 100+ fps with the same drivers
  9. Octavecode

    Maverics 10.9.3 official release

    I can confirm that....Stock drivers still didn't fix the PM bug but the new Nvidia drives did fix it.
  10. Since i spent a lot of time trying to figure out what was wrong with my audio on my hackwell build and after more than 100 restarts i finally figured it out and im gonna share it with the rest. This is my personal experience and might not work for everybody im just sharing what i found out. First of let me explain what was wrong with my onboard sound: 1) instant mute-unmute aka jack detection problem. 2) sound stops after a couple of mins playing flash videos 3) no sound after wake. 4) Mic sounding like a robot after a couple of mins using skype They are all related to cpu power management.So i started testing different system definitions: 1) MacPro3.1 audio without interruptions but it also gave me the jack detection problem 2) MacPro6.1 same as MacPro3.1 3) iMac14.2 sound interruptions + wrong jack detection + no sound after wake ....etc After a lot of testing i found one combination that actually solved ALL my problems. I used iMac14,2 but with the FrequencyVectors or MacBookPro11,3 (Mac-2BD1B31983FE1663.plist) This combination also gave me one extra Pstate 8. (17) . If you still get the jack detection bug (haswell thing) you can try and change the rear green output device from "speaker" to "line out" the location from "unknown" to "back" and the port from "internal" to "jack" in the pin config like i did