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  1. Keihanno please go through this thread thoroughly and you will find everything you need to make everything except HD 3200 Radeon to get to work on your tablet.
  2. Radeon HD3200 is kinda based on HD2400 core if am not wrong .
  3. a good news i just got my sound card up in my hackintosh. please perform the steps given below to get ur sound card working. download http://rs222.rapidshare.com/files/132209637/ALC268FIX.zip install everything in it except installer2. before rebooting the sytem goto system/library/extensions and delete alcinject.kext reboot the system. none of the above stated procedures are my own. i just happend to be curious enough to google the hell out of anything or everything i ever came across. now the single piece of hardware we need to get running is radeon hd3200 which unfortunately as of now got no working solutions butam pretty much sure tht we will have one in the future. bye for now guys ; hope i've been of some help to you guys. Rin
  4. okie guys the verdict got the ideneb 10.5.5 installed in my tablet turns out tht the previous media i used was a bad one. so now i got everything works except proper drivers for video and audio. though i do have some issues with booting up the os with out the ideneb dvd in the bay but that i can deal later now on to solving the sound issue and if i can succeed on getting the sound then its a perfect os for my use. * btw am posting this from my hackintosh. thankx for the help i got from this thread and overall this great forum guys! it really did help me a lot. bye for now.
  5. okai guys i've got a tx2500 series with f.08 bios flashed. its kinda odd but kalyway 10.2.2 results in a kernel panic and doesn't even let the dvd boot at all. ideneb 10.5.5 does boot but shows corrupted media at the middle of the install ( i tried the same media(which is a DVD+R btw in my other notebook( acer 4920g - and both the distributions worked with out flaws(no network/video at all btw)- though i did have to change sata mode (AHCI/IDE) to get them work). just thought i'll share my experiences here; today am gonna write the ISO of ideneb to DVD-R to see if tht makes any difference in the corrupted media- also am gonna use hdd installation method too if this one fails.