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  1. GTX 750 Ti

    Regarding the flashed Asus nVidia GTX 750 Silent, I tried benchmarking it with Unigine Heaven and it crashed the machine hard after about 2 minutes. This is with the nVidia web drivers. I'm wondering if this flash is entirely stable!
  2. GTX 750 Ti

    @ aphex6b Thanks for the explanation - I went ahead and flashed my passive cooled 750 (same model as yours) using the DOS version of nvflash (couldn't get windows version to flash it). I now have proper resolution from the DP connector, but lost the boot screen as you mentioned. I don't have any monitors or TV's with HDMI connectors to test until later this month but I'll assume the HDMI is working also. My ultimate goal is to use a 4k monitor with the DisplayPort, dual booting etc. is a lower priority, so I'll live without the boot screen for now. Thanks to UltraLaser for sharing the rom!
  3. GTX 750 Ti

    I have the same passive-cooled Asus and was thinking of flashing it, can you explain what you mean when you say "lose boot screen with vbios flash"? Cheers
  4. Tl-Wn851N (Atheros WLan) on 10.5.8

    are you on an i5 or i7 based CPU? Apparently this card is incompatible with those CPU's. I just got this card up and running on 10.6.2, will report any issues. Used wakasaki's provided kext, thanks wakasaki!
  5. yea that had me puzzled for a while as well, I copied a nice UUID installer package from the iPC distro and keep it with my "post install" kexts and installers.
  6. Cool thanks kmare! - I won't be able to try this out for a couple days but thanks for taking the time to reply, Eliade maybe you can try and post results?
  7. I'm going to try iDeneb and also the XxX install, I will post what I find out.
  8. Has anyone with this board seen a solution for the USB drive "unmount on wake" issue? - this is where external usb drives upon wake will generate the "device not removed properly" error message. It making me paranoid that my data on those externals is actually being corrupted - you can see them remount for a split second when the screen comes back on from wake. Another poster asked about this a ways back in this topic but I haven't seen any replies. If anyone ahs any ideas let me know, I'm reinstalling iDeneb 10.5.5 just to see if this release has the same issue. (running 10.5.6 vanilla from retail normally) Thanks
  9. Hmm - couldn't get networking going during or after the install - everything else seems to be working. Anyone else with this problem? According to to the preferences built in ethernet is active, but is using self assigned IP. I've rebooted and fixed permissions etc. EDIT - fixed the networking, I remember seeing UUID and "network interface not found" as the last messages before boot, so I grabbed my iPC install and booted from the DVD, reinstalled the realtek driver and the UUID fix, and all is well. time machine works as well. What I don't get is that I have the same board as everyone else, yet I didn't have basic networking while doing the install. The only difference I can think of is that I used the full 10.5.6 retail, but most are using slightly older, correct? anyhow now I have to figure out how to extract the drivers from the iPC install and put them into the UInstaller! Hop this helps someone PS ignore the sig it's old
  10. NVIDIA 9 Series Driver Installer v2

    Successful here with a Gigabyte 9500GT 512 MB. A good value card for my HTPC. I have an older Intel MOBO and a dual pentium so I wasn't sure if I would be able to upgrade to 10.5.5 in order to use this, but the new iDeneb release worked fine. QE/CI, rotation, everything else supported, just used the installer and added the HEX string to the boot.plist. Thanks aqua-mac!
  11. cool, I will try out the different kernels. Will be out of town for a few days but I'll report back when I get a chance try it out.
  12. I posted this on demonerd, the only problem I haven't solved with this update is that the desktop takes about 4 to 5 minutes to appear. I imagine it is video driver related, I have reinstalled natit which gave me back QE/CI and installed the apple graphics update which solved the blank menu problem, but the desktop, man it takes a loooong time to load. If anyone else has this problem let me know - it may be as simple as removing a kext or three but I'm a noob so would not know where to begin. Cheers
  13. Just sharing experience with installing this release. Had a lot of trouble with either the installer freezing during the last minute of the install, or the "blinking cursor" upon reboot. The following combination of settings finally worked for my particular machine (Intel GNTLKR/D930) In the BIOS under drive settings: AHCI - ON When formatting the harddrive with disk utility, choose the MBR partition scheme. When customizing the install, don't use the vanilla kernel, and do use the MBR bootloader. Also I used "Gparted" - a great linux partition editor, to check that my disk had it's flag set to bootable. GREAT work KALY. Thanks PS just downloaded the 10.5.2 DVD, will report how that works out (or doesn't)
  14. Everything seems to be working great now thanks everyone For me I don't think it was the order that I installed XP and OS X, I think the problem was the other disks in my machine that had active partitions with XP and OS X on them- I should have either hidden them or disconnected the drives beforehand like I ended up doing in the end. If there were no other drives in my machine I don't think I would have had any problems. I did learn alot though so I'm happy. The OS X bootloader rocks! makes me realize how useless Acronis was...
  15. Wow what an ordeal- XP wouldn't install because Windows XP installer wanted to write MBR and other files to one of my other drives (not the drive XP was intended to live on), but couldn't write to it because the other drive was hfs+ formatted. I guess this is because the other drive is the active partition? I also had a previous XP install on one of the other drives so it could have been trying to write to that drive. I tried making the drives hidden -used f disk from the Hirens bootdisk - didn't work, windows installer still saw the other drive and wanted to write to it. Anyways all I had to do was shut down the machine and unplug the SATA cables to the other drives. I used FDISK to successfully mark the (correct) drive active. Ran the XP installer again and it wrote the boot files to the proper drive (it had to since nothing else was connected). Not a pretty solution but it worked for me. I am now using the instructions at the beginning of the thread so after I get OS X installed I'll try to boot into XP and see if it works (I'm optimistic!)