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  1. hi guys !! first my thanks to all the legends of osx86 for making all this possible ( HACKBOOK ) ..... now the thing is :: I have got a dell inspiron 1720 laptop with nvidia 8600m gt and 17" screen ... i have installed iatkos v5i and no problems encountered ( apart from the wireless i.e. intel 4965agn ) everything is working, almost!!! i am encountering some kind of colour banding , which is not much but evident in shadows , some websites , movies etc..i have tried to so everything that is known and posted on the net ( nvidiaefi + natit + laptopdisplay.kext ) tried all types of nvinject's with my own generated nvcap value.... nothing seems to solve the god damn issue!!!!! SO ANYONE OUT THERE WHO HAS MANAGED TO FIND A SOLUTION PLS HELP !!!!!!!!!!!!!! MUCH APPRECIATED>>THANKS... and once again ..you're the best people!!!... cheers
  2. Colour banding

    HELP!!!!! dell inspiron 1720 with iatkos 10.5.5 and not resolving colour banding problem with either nvinjectgo or natit + laptopdisplay + nvidiaefi ..... HELP pls......
  3. same problem here!!!!!!!!!!!!got almost perfect hackbook running 10.5.3(kalyway 10.5.1dvd + kalyway combo update 10.5.3) on dell inspiron 1720.........the only problem is with shutdown and restart and wi-fi for intel 4965agn!!!!!!!!!! still great work by everyone at insanelymac.com and all the other developers....kudos!!!!!!!