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  1. acer x3810

    Can OSX be installed on this system? Any known issues?
  2. Installing Leopard, some help/advice

    I get what you mean totally. I dont have a mobo manual, and its a manufactured-for model, so i cant obtain it, ergo wont be able to mess with jumpers. The IDE disk i have is only 8gb in sizeso i'd have to buy one, is there defo no way to use my sATA and IDE at the same time? got plenty of spare sata disk space to use. cheers for replying yung_jah
  3. Hey, Ive tried many times before to install osx86 on my machine with no luck. Now, i want to try it again. This time im gonna ask for help from people who know what their doing! Could anyone point me in the right direction to a distro, for intel, that will support the sb600 chipset, out of the box, and allow both IDE and SATA to run? Problem is, i cant get OSX to see my hard disks. everything else seems to load up fine, just cant get past that part. Ive read thats theres way to patch it, but no one every goes into detail on to to do it, or find to patches ofr that matter I cant use an IDE Harddisk, my mobo seems to only have one IDE thingy, and thats for my CDrom, if i put a HD on the same cable,it works, but i lose my cdrom Any help, any pushes in the right direction will be much apreciated!
  4. Hey, Ive been trying to get osx86 to work on my machine for ages now (well, a day, feels longer), I was always being troubled by the "Waiting for root device" errors. But tried iAtkos 4i and managed to start setup. But i cant seem to get osx to see either of my hard disks. Ive googled all day, tried diffrent distros of osx86, tried vmware installing on a phsyical disk, just wont work. I think my problem is my chipset. Or i did until i was browsing here. I saw some people have their HW specs in their signatures, and i noticed 1 or 2 with the same chipset as I have, so that leads me to beleive theres a fix! i hope. Else its something else thats the problem My Hardware (relevant): intel c2d e8400 mobo mrs800 chipset ati? sb600 2x sATAII harddisks \!/Wich osx doesnt wanna recognize geforce 7600 its basicly the guts (mobo, memory, psu, chipset) of an Acer Aspire t671 Desktop. But with an Nvidia Card. I have IAtkos 4i downloaded and burned but if i have to try another distro thats np, decent net speed and access to the files, check. Hopefully someone can shed some light on this! cheers. tl;dr osx wont recognize serial ATA hard drives regardless of partition type