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  1. I guess nobody knows nothing :S Thank for the help guys
  2. Hello! I am having a huge problem. I have read that the best distro for my system is iAKTOS v7, but when I downloaded and checked the MD5 everything was good to go so I burned it to DVD (PowerISO) and tryed to boot from it, but it does not boot. The problem I am facing is that once it's reading the DVD it gives me "E" when it's done loading the DVD. I need help. I want to get this working I hope there are people who have had this problem and know a solution. My system: CPU: AMD Athlon 640 x4 MOBO: ASUS AM2N-E, BIOS REV: 5001 RAM: 4GB HDD: 1x 500GB SATA, 1x 250GB SATA (this one is used for Mac OS X) DVDROM: Samsung IDE 24x DVD/CD RW Thank you for you help!
  3. aIBlaad

    Introduce yourself.

    Hello InsanelyMac members! As you can see I am new here and I am looking for help as well with my system. Been trying to get OS X on it for a while, but no success so I turned here. I hope you accept me as I am and help me out. I want to learn, learn, learn!
  4. aIBlaad

    New to hackintosh and need help

    Bumb. I still need help or call it information.
  5. Hello, Im new to hackintosh. Not totally new, I have install it once but the LAN did not work. And I don´t know much about the kernels etc. Heres my computer spec´s. Can I run hackintosh on it? With internet and everything working. AMD62x2 6000+ ASUS M2N-E Motherboard Chipset is nForce 570 SLI, AMD Hammer RAM 4GB Graphicscard 8500GT GeForce Sound: Analog Devices AD1988B @ nVIDIA nForce 570 SLI (MCP55P) - High Definition Audio Controller IDE: NVIDIA nForce 590/570/550 Serial ATA Controller If you guys need anymore information then ask. I really want to move to hackintosh. Been using my sisters macbook and I love it.