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  1. Yes, I just updated from 10.5.6 vanilla install using the Combo update. I have Disabler.kext installed and use AppleDecrypt.kext but no dsmos.kext (and have deleted the Don't Steal Mac OSX.kext ) and have AppleIntelCPUPM.kext present in Extensions. I believe if the latter has been removed it will cause error and stop during update process from what I hear. Not quite the forum for this sort of thing but I had no issues going to 10.5.8 whatsoever.
  2. My current one, soon to change though.. I think I need some colour in my life
  3. The NVIDIA 9500GT Thread

    See QE Support 10.5.5 Post 51 I think your issue is you need to install the 10.5.5 9f23 Graphics Update, then modify your NVdarwin.kext with the correct NVCAP value from specific card ROM, change ProbeScore string value. I had same non-support QE issue, and had my NVdarwin injector setup correctly which resulted in black screen, but once I removed the existing Ge* & NVDA* kext then installed the 10.5.5 graphics update I got it all working perfectly. I believe that is the key to getting the injector working on 10.5.5-6
  4. Drivers for Nvidia Geforce 9400 GT - Success

    For those interested in a non-EFI solution using NV injectors to get QE support on 10.5.5+. The key to getting QE on 10.5.5 or above is to rm -Rf Ge* and NVDA* kexts, reboot using standard Apple drivers and then most IMPORTANTLY install the 9f23 10.5.5 Graphic Update. Then re-mod you device ID in the GeForce.kext NVDANVx0Hal.kext (which depends on your 6/7/8/9xxx card) & NVDAResman.kext, if it's not one of the standard ones in there. eg my 6800GS (0x00c010de) isn't. Then using either NVinject or NVdarwin kext add your PCI device id (I added one device ID without mask and other with 0x0000ffff for my card) and mod the ProbeScore to 0 as mentioned in other threads. Then find your NVCAP and edit the string using Plist Edit Pro (basically I created a DOS Boot RAMdisk with NVFlash and saved ROM then used NVCAP Maker to obtain my cards specific NVCAP see NVinject website for procedure/dls). I personally used NVdarwin rather than NVinject as it automagically displays the model of GeForce, but I had to edit RAM string for 512MB RAM. Obviously make sure chmod -R 755 the NVinject or NVdarwin kext depending on which you use. Presume other injectors may work like NVKush etc.. rm Extensions.mkext and reboot with -f -v Now you should have full QE support back for your card. Above will make more sense to those that know about editing Info.plist files and already had QE support in 10.5.2-4 using NV injectors but suddenly doesn't work with 10.5.5 or 10.5.6. Hope it helps those having problems
  5. My QE on GeForce 6800GS (0x00c010de) was working fine in 10.5.3. Installed 10.5.5 ATiKOS v5i with NVinject 0.2.1 - 512mb. Mod'd PCIDevice entries in GeForce.kext, my card specific NVDANV and the NVDAResman files. Mod'd NVinject as per guide on their forums ie ProbeScore to 0 and added DeviceID without mask (I already had it with the 0x0000ffff mask, left it there too) but still no QE support. Discovered that the key to the solution if you want to use NV-type injector, was to remove all Ge* and NV* files from base install and boot using standard apple drivers, then most IMPORTANTLY install the Leo 10.5.5 9f23 graphics update. Remodd'd all necessary kext mentioned above with my PCIdevice ID for card with mask.., also decided to use NVdarwin injector as per the instructions NVinject forum guide re ProbeScore and NVCAP values. Had to use Plist Edit Pro to mod RAM value for 512MB and add my specific NVCAP for for card (see NVinject forums and site for details on how to do that, basically I created a DOS boot fashdrive and ran the NVflash util to save ROM, then used NVCAP maker to query NVCAP from ROM.) Rm Extensions.mkext then reboot -f -v and presto. Nvidia injector worked and QE back on my 6800GS 512MB on 10.5.5. Key was to remove the existing 10.5.5 kexts and apply the 9f23 graphics update. Presumably the NVinject 0.2.x should work too just found the NVdarwin to be better myself ie displayed Card Model automagically. Hope this might help those that want a non-EFI Studio solution to the QE not supported on 10.5.5. Presume it'll be the same with iDeneb 10.5.5 or similar install too.