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  1. Working 1680x1050 x3100 kexts!

    i done it without your archive but i have the same laptop and this thing is awesome. A perfect working Mac Laptop for 600 € and i got even mic. Not internal with the mainboard but you know the ThumbTack Ipod Mic. Just plugin in in the mic line in and it is so small but it workes perfect.
  2. Drivers for Intel GMA X3100

    dude i had the same problem but I use 10.5.6 its better. Just download 10.5.6. It will be still the same problem but with 10.5.5. you can't install Iwork 09 and Ilife 09. anyway I tried a lot of stuff and as I am not a coder I couldn't change any code or something. But this worked for me 1. Install iDeneb 10.5.6 or iPC 10.5.6 2. At the installation choose the Intel GMA X3000 driver not the 3100 driver because than your screen will turn black 3. After every other option is done for your Hardware, the Installation is finished you will get into Mac Screen and you can Login 4. The problem is that your Graphicscard will work only with 1024X768 or something no other options but that isn't a problem. Just set the right corner to sleep, enable restart after powerloss in the energysavings option (don't know why but lots of people just fixed everything only with changing this option so lets try). 5. Install the EHCIsleepenabler kext with kexthelper 6. Install the gma x3100 drivers with kexthelper (before that delete all intelgmx drivers specially the 950) One think I noticed is that all the Gma x3100 drivers didn't worked with 10.5.6. with 10.5.5 it wasn't a problem. So I tried and copied my original drivers from my iMac and tried them (my iMac has 10.5.6 on it and I noticed that they changed the drivers and the version), and it worked perfectly. Last just try the sleeplogin its really nice. An app that have to be added as a startup app and everytime your laptop or pc starts your screen will go off and on again and no slide to the right corner again. If somebody is interest in the drivers, and if somebody has problems just let me know http://rapidshare.com/files/230427924/EHCISleepEnabler.zip http://rapidshare.com/files/230425179/gma_x3100.zip