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    Samsung NC10 UK revision

    JPUK - I had the same problem as you did with the install but came to the realization that I did not follow the instructions carefully. The first thing i would check is go into your BIOS and check that the EDB setting is enabled. This solved the boot problem for me. Lots of people are having this issue and it is more of a fact that people including myself weren't following the instructions even though we swore we had. Most just breezed through the bios settings without really making sure everything is correct. Anyways, hope this will solve your problem as it solved mine. Mysticus is doing great work for this group, I do realize that this topic has gotten quite long and will take time to read through everything, but most common questions have been answered by Mysticus and sometimes answered many many times. And if this does not solve your problem, I hope that others will be able to provide more help then. And just a quick note, do not rush to update to 10.5.6. There may be many more problems that will need to be solved before it is safe.
  2. casper2341

    Samsung NC10 UK revision

    Anyone successful enabling two finger scroll for the multitouch trackpad
  3. casper2341

    Samsung NC10 UK revision

    Just wanted to see if anyone has working solutions to Multitouch for the trackpad. I have been trying to use ALPS Drivers but have not been successful. Any help with this would be great.