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  1. Misi

    Ideneb Installation

    hey there, i kinda manage to install iDeneb v1.6 10.5.8 Lite Edition, BUT... panic(cpu 0 caller 0x001A8FFD): Kernal trap at .... mac.rar
  2. Misi

    Ideneb Installation

    do you think that the snow leopard 10.6 could work on my computer or i still need to go with the normal leopard 10.5 ?
  3. Misi

    Ideneb Installation

    what distro has this specifications ? and do you recommand ideneb ? btw many thanks
  4. first of all sorry if this was posted already ___ so, this is my configuration : - AMD Phenom 9950 X4 Black Edition 140W - (has SSE4a too) - MSI DKA790GX - AMD 790GX , SB750 - OCZ Platinum 2*2GB 1000MHz - Asus Geforce 8600GT Silencer 512 DDR3 - Creative Labs X-Fi Xtreme Audio - Western Digital SATA2 can anyone tell me where to look if my components work on Ideneb 10.5 or 10.6 and witch version of ideneb do you recommand me ? thank you
  5. Misi

    K. Panic

    this is the screenshot : ss This k. panic appeared because i tryed to download firefox kit with Safari I installed Ideneb v1.4 10.5.6 -- Misi
  6. hi there i had dl Ideneb v1.4 10.5.6 and after i replaced the Extensions.mkext i manage to pass the still waiting for root device and managed to install MAC OS X, BUT i got a kernel panic when i was downloading firefox with Safari. When i restarted my pc Mac OS X was still working i had Voodoo kernel installed
  7. i can't belive there ar so many people who has X-fi sound cards and we don't have any kext for it if we ar so many we could donate to KX Team or any good developer i hope this post will be read by someone capable of doing this thank you
  8. i found this guide here but i want yout opinion if i shoud try it, it dosen't say if it works on Vista so if i do this i can run in IDE mode or i won't need the install disc to boot ? _ so the first time i tryed installing MAC i wouldn't let me create mac partition without killing my vista partition (Unallocated) so i made blank partition with Acronis and it worked(i hope it's k because it worked). But now after mac crashed(repaired my vista boot) i tryed to install it again and after the succeful install it boot's from the install disc but it dosen't continue; it stops in the darwin . in all the dual-boot guides i found it requiers Pc-EFI and i know when i tryed to install Zephyroth i couldn't proceed because of this EFI
  9. hey there, i manage to install MAC OS X (lawless's version with some small changes - with this) but now i have to fix some small things : - only one core is working - the frequency of my memory is 400 MHz instead of 1000MHz - i don't know what to do with my audio card (Creative Labs X-Fi Xtreme Audio) i don't want to use my on-board audio card and i saw on infinite mac forum in lawless's signature : Sound Card:- SoundBlaster Live! - (AMD Phenom 9950 BLACK EDITION Agena 2.6GHz 4 x 512KB L2 Cache 2MB L3 Cache Socket AM2+ 140W Quad-Core Processor) and here it says L2 Cache: 512 KB and BUS speed it says : 200 MHz - i have a 5 button mouse but the side buttons ar working like the scroll button, can i use the buttons to work as back/foreward ? - i can't see my IDE dvd-rw drive (can i enter MAC OS in IDE mode, not AHCI ?) - if i'm not using my dvd install disc i can't enter MAC OS (boot error) - i can't seem to open most of my videos ar there any codecs( i tryed with vlc) ? - where can i see some info about my motherboard? * updates ar working(there downloading right now (10.5.6 )) * both network adapters work : wireless and normal if i forgot anything please tell me thx EDIT : my mac crashed after i installed all the updates
  10. the SATA HDD kext ar inside extensions>AppleOnboardPCATA.kext or extensions>IOATAFamily.kext folders ? or in extensions.mkext file ?
  11. k, i tried in AHCI but it dosen't work i can see the SATA HD, but the instalation stops i'll upload 2 ss and the install log : link
  12. k, i'll try in ahci mode too but after installing i hope i can make it to work with Vista (in IDE mode)
  13. happy new year !!! hey, i manage to pass the still waiting for root device (in IDE mode) i manage to download some sb700 kext from : www.esnips.com/web/nicholasblocksStuff and inject it on lawless disc (i also updated my bios, i don't think it was too old) but i can't seem to see my SATA HDs i've ul some screenshots there ar some problems with the memory,graphic card and sound, i didn;t see any info about the cores do i need to load some kext separtly in the terminal ? (do i need to format my partition or should i leave it unformatted ? - i have vista) thx ss : http://rapidshare.com/files/179350729/macmac.rar.html
  14. can i try with rewritables discs ? will they work ? if not i'll waste alot of dvd-r