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  1. QE/CI gone on reinstall

    Thanks for your help Joe, but unfortunately, it didn't fix the issue. I reinstalled the Callisto drivers using the ones included with the link you sent. Replaced all of the kexts on my system with the ones that were included in that file. Inputed my dev id and changed the IONDRVFrameBuffer to CallistoFB, sudo and chown'd, repaired permissions and rebooted. I am now able to boot without the scrambled screen, but still do not have QE/CI. Man, this is driving me nuts!
  2. QE/CI gone on reinstall

    Thanks Joe for the files. Just so I'm sure: Drop everything from the download into /system/library/extensions then sudo chown -R root:wheel /System/Library/Extensions/* sudo chmod -R 755 /System/Library/Extensions*
  3. QE/CI gone on reinstall

    Ok, well thanks anyway.
  4. QE/CI gone on reinstall

    Thanks for the quick reply. I thought Badenov was only for x1xxx cards and the like? I could be wrong, though, I haven't done this in a while. Do I need to remove the Callisto drivers before I install the Badenov? Thanks.
  5. QE/CI gone on reinstall

    I fubar'd my machine updating it with the latest Apple security updates (I should had left well enough alone). Luckily, I had a backup of my data, so I went about recreating my machine. My machine is an AMD Sempron 2800+, with a ATI Radeon 9600 Pro. My first hackintosh was 10.4.5, updated to 10.4.8 (Jas combo updater). I was using Callisto and enable QE/CI with the "CallistoFB" trick in the ATIRadeon9700GA.plugin. This time around, I started with the same hardware, but downloaded Jas 10.4.7 AMD, installed it, and updated it to 10.4.8 using the same updater as above. I've got everything back to exactly where it was prior to the meltdown EXCEPT for QE/CI. I cannot get this to work. Callisto works perfectly, but every time I input "CallistoFB", I get a scrambled screen on reboot (see picture). I've tried every version of Callisto available, but nothing seems to help. The most frustrating thing is, it worked perfectly before (albeit with a little mouse tearing). Is there something in the 10.4.7 that would prevent me from being able to make this happen? Has anyone run into the same issue? I'm pulling my hair out because I just can't figure out what it is. Any and all help is appreciated.
  6. Thank you for all of your help goodtime. The only question I have is regarding the install DVD. I have one DVD that is 10.4.5 and one that is the 10.4.8 update. I believe you are referring to the update DVD. Is this correct? Also, because I cloned the drive prior to this error taking place, would this framework be present on the non-booting destination drive? If so, could I just pull it off there? Thanks.
  7. First, let me thank you for responding so quickly and thoroughly to my posting. I also want to again say that this error is certainly a result of my doing and not your program, which worked flawlessly for me in the past. Now to answer your questions: The error popped up when I was attempting to make a clone. As far as I can tell, it installed fine. The source disk is partitioned correctly and formated in "Apple_HFS" (which I don't know if that's the same as HFS+). The target disk is is also formatted in "Apple_HFS", but partitioned with a "GUID_partition_scheme" which, I suppose is the reason that I cannot boot from it. 10.4.8. This was upgraded from 10.4.5 using the "JaS.10.4.8.AMD.SSE3.Only.Combo.Update" MediaKit: 8.5DiskManagement: 1.1 DiskImages: 10.4.4 SSE3 (AMD Sempron 2800+ socket 754). However, in the System Profiler, it only shows SSE2 as a CPU Feature, though that could have something to do with the OS install. If I remember correctly, I cloned the original setup to the second drive, but couldn't get it to boot (I actually tried this twice). I then removed and reinstalled Clonetool on the source drive, but received the error when trying to clone again. So, theoretically, the original setup is still on the source drive, but I cannot boot from it because it is partitioned incorrectly. Is there a way to repartition without destroying what's on the drive? Again, thanks for all of your help.
  8. I'm really hoping that you can help and that I didn't mess things up too badly. Let me start by saying this is a great tool and I was finally able to accomplish a task that I've been trying to get done for months very easily by using it. This is the situation. I have two hard drives. Ones my boot drive (call it drive A), one was just a spare (call it drive . I wanted to update my boot drive from 10.4.5 to 10.4.8. I decided to use Clonetool to clone my boot drive (A) to the spare (, boot from the spare and update it for testing to make sure everything worked. Everything worked perfectly and I used the cloned and updated drive ( for a week with no issues. The next step, unfortunately, didn't go as planned. I wanted to now clone the current boot drive ( back to the original boot drive (A) to utilize my original setup. Foolishly, I used Disk Utility to erase and reformat drive A, giving it an improper MBR that wouldn't allow it to boot. However, I didn't realize this mistake until reading this thread. Not know why the newly cloned drive A wouldn't boot, I tried re-cloning it several times. Each time yielded the same result. I finally thought that the issue was that I was using a cloned copy of Clonetool to make the clone (because it was installed originally on drive A then cloned to drive B which I was now booting from). So, I trashed Clonetool and downloaded a new copy and installed it. This is where the problem arose. In attempting to clone with the newly installed copy, I received this error: dyld: lazy symbol binding failed: Symbol not found: _GPTuuidHuman2Type Referenced from: /System/Library/PrivateFrameworks/DiskManagement.framework/Resources/DiskManagementTool Expected in: /System/Library/PrivateFrameworks/MediaKit.framework/Versions/A/MediaKit dyld: Symbol not found: _GPTuuidHuman2Type Referenced from: /System/Library/PrivateFrameworks/DiskManagement.framework/Resources/DiskManagementTool Expected in: /System/Library/PrivateFrameworks/MediaKit.framework/Versions/A/MediaKit 2007-01-01 22:18:00.584 diskutil[312] *** NSTimer discarding exception 'connection went invalid while waiting for a reply' that raised during firing of timer with target 3037a0 and selector 'run:' The script quit and wouldn't go any further. Obviously, no clone was made. I am still able to boot my machine (from and everything is still functioning normally except for one thing: I am unable to mount any DMG or ISO files in my system. If I double click on a DMG file, the system hangs and I have to perform a hard reset. Same for ISO. I can, however, insert a CD and it mounts to my desktop. Again, you have created a wonderful tool and it was only because of my boneheadedness that something went awry. I am hoping that you will able to get me out of this jam so that I can get on with using Clonetool! Thank you.
  9. Callisto Technical Discussion

    I have installed Callisto and it is working perfectly on my Radeon 9600 XT. However, I no longer have QE/CI and would like to enable it. The beginning of this thread mentioned editing the ATIRADEON9700GA.plugin seek to make this happen, but I cannot find this file to do it. I've tried using Spotlight to locate this file, but it returns nothing. Is this file loaded automatically or is this something that I have to install and then edit? If it is something that I have to install, where would I get it from? Any help is appreciated, thanks.
  10. Partitioning HDD using Disk Utility

    Do you mean that Disk Utility sees your entire drive when you boot from the install DVD or when you are looking at it while in OS X? While in OS X, I can see the full drive (in two partitions), but can't do anything with it because it is the system disk. Do they make Partition Magic for Mac? If not, can Partition Magic for Windows format a drive using HFS?
  11. I have searched for the answer to this, but have been unable to find it. My apologies if it is posted somewhere else. My current system setup includes three (3) HDD. The first, which is where OS X 10.4.5 is installed, is a 200GB drive partitioned into two sections: a 128GB partition (HFS) and a 58GB partition (NTFS). The second is a 160GB partitioned into two sections: a 128GB a partition and a 21GB partition, both NTFS. And the third, is a 120GB drive with no partitions and formatted in NTFS. My goal is to be able to format the remaining partition on the first drive (the system disk) to HFS so that I may use it for storage. Or to delete this partition altogether and fold the free space back into the first partition. While booted into OS X, I can use Disk Utility to see the full capacity of the drives, but unfortunately I cannot make any changes to the system disk. When I boot using my OS X DVD, Disk Utility only recognizes the first partition of the drive (on both drives) which are 128GB. I cannot see the other partition or the rest of the free space on the drive to make any changes. I am using an AMD Sempron 2800+ on an Asus K8V-M mobo. I remember about a month ago using a fix that I found on the forum to get OS X to recognize the full capacity of my drives, but that fix only works when the OS is loaded, which prevents me from making any changes to the system disk. I'm assuming that when I boot from the DVD, the fix isn't loaded, hence me being able to only see the first 128GB of the drives. Catch-22? Is there a way around this? Any and all help is appreciated. Thanks.
  12. 10.4.6 Upgrade Released

    Can you tell me what, if any, improvements you've seen using 4.6? Thanks.
  13. 10.4.6 Upgrade Released

    Quick question: Would there be any benefit for someone (such as myself) running an AMD processor (Sempron 2800+) and an ATI 9600 card to upgrade to 4.6? I'm not too steeped on all of the "framework" discussions, so I'm unsure if there would be any benefit. The only issue that I'm really experiencing is the mouse tearing. Other than that, my system is mint. I'd hate to risk fubar-ing it for no real benefit. Thanks.
  14. Maxxuss new patch 1.0a

    I am experiencing this issue and have been trying desperately to find this updated AMD_Enabler patch. Unfortunately, every websearch, torrent search, search of every dog house, hen house, out house, and road house leads to a dead end. I would be eternally grateful if somone could send me the needed file or, at the very least, point me in some direction as to where I might find it. Thanks a million. JL