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  1. sld87

    Memory use seems very high!

    Interesting.. Has anyone else experienced this issue?
  2. Hi guys, I've even had to restart a few times due to this, but i'm basically not running anything at all and here are my stats. Is it normal for tabs in safari to be 300-500mb each too? Anything i can do?
  3. Nah, i got my 560ti working last week. I made a thread about it too as it was a fair effort.
  4. What a momentous occasion!!! Finally got it up and running guys. The Problem: You've probably read it a million times for different cards. The dreaded black screen issue for Sierra. Like many, you probably had a working system in El Cap but now after updating you get the BSOD. (Black Screen of Death). What to do? Read on The Basics: You probably need Web Drivers. Otherwise, you wouldn't need to disable the Nvidia ones to log in (It would switch to them natively) and you'd get notice QE/CI support. I thought I was using OSX drivers in El Cap (According to the radio switch.. But i was on Web all along)/ Step One: Boot and install Sierra using your preferred method. I haven't tried direct update, but I will try that tomorrow. Step Two: After initial boot, boot back into OSX and - Run Clover installer for your build (Mine was legacy etc) customise to your liking. - Set your SMBIOS to 14,1 (This is 100% supports) - Should you need to switch SMBIOS, you can either a) switch it in AGPD kext by running Slim Jim's method 3 This means replacing one of the other boards listed with your own, or by changing Config2 to none if necessary changing it in Clover (Preferred). This means you can use any SMBIOS profile you want, you just need to change your boardID to that of iMac 14,2 (Or any other that is already supported in that kext). This is preferred, because it means you don't need to update the kext every update.. Clover will ensure you are always in the clear. - Activate NvidiaWeb boot flag in Clover as per the new way of doing it in Sierra - Finally, install the Nvidia Web Drivers and reboot. Now, for the kicker: I tried all these methods before. Multiple times in fact. But I had missed one important variable. The cabling. People are reporting VGA issues (to be expected). But folks, my setup didn't work in DVI. It wasn't until i realised that under El Capitan my setup would only boot when DVI was in slot 1, not 2, that the eureka moment came. YOU HAVE TO USE HDMI CABLING. This is definitive. I tried it in DVI and it DID NOT BOOT. Lastly, a huge, massive thanks to Slim.Jim for his continued efforts SexyTaco and OLDSPORT Kota991 for his suggestion to try HDMI (Which proved to be right, but I didn't read it until after I had tried!). I believe this is a true fix for the majority of unanswered black screen problems people are having.
  5. sld87

    Looking for a new Nvidia Graphic Card

    Do share your methodology then.. As I have been doing this for 9 years now and have no working method to get a 560ti working in Sierra despite it working perfectly in El Cap. (Even slim.jim is having issues with a similar card).
  6. sld87

    Looking for a new Nvidia Graphic Card

    My 560 is fermi and doesn't currently work in Sierra.. Black screens
  7. sld87

    GTX580 in Sierra

    In the same boat with a 560ti...
  8. sld87

    pre-release OS X El Capitan 10.11.6

    Could you share a link to your wallpaper? amazing
  9. Thanks for the sarcastic response. I'm not sure what your last quote is supposed to mean, perhaps English next time would be great. I'm quite aware of 17,2 but I have tried every graphics fix under the sun and I still cannot get my display to properly output it when I install the web drivers and try to load it using clover flags. Right now I am on 14,2 purely because its the only type that I can load my graphics into. Could anyone kindly suggest the Clover Hex edits, or anything really, I could make to get me out of this? Thank you Stefano
  10. Hi guys Z170x-UD5-TH Geforce 960 Have loaded 11.5 with the latest drivers, system profile is listing it as a Display 7mb and it is artifacty as hell. Loading no boot flags causes this. If i load nvdr_drv=1 i get a black screen. I'm not sure where to look next as my old 560ti was supported OOB. Please advise. Thanks Stef
  11. I did, but why did it work with the second config file (not my own, found on internet) and not with the one I had?
  12. Hi, Please see attached my entire EFI folder. I've literally tried everything imaginable. I cant load the installer because of that Missing Bluetooth KP. Ive unplugged my 960 to try to make it easier, so just trying too boot with the integrated GFX. So funny story. I tried this config file and it booted to the installer. What gives? What makes this one so special? So funny story. I tried this config file and it booted to the installer. What gives? What makes this one so special? The RAR is my original. The text file is the config i found that allowed me to boot. So, what gives?? EFI.zip PHh3M3Bk.txt
  13. hi guys, System specs Z170x-UD5-TH 660 Geforce Nvidia 760 Trying to boot into the installer, but hanging on the search for transport event error. USB is plugged into a Rear Black Panel port. Have tried checking the option in clover for USB Ownership. Legacy mode is disabled etc. http://imgur.com/rTikjr9 Any help greatly appreciated! Cheers Stef
  14. Hi guys, Finally replacing my Sandy Bridge after years of reliable service.. Running El Cap at present. What system profile (And why) would you recommend for this setup? Any known issues with any components here? The only thing missing is the motherboard which will be a Z170X-UD5 TH - seems to be the best bet. Also adding the adaptor from OSXWIFI, as i have used this without fault. Many thanks Be Quiet! Straight Power 10 800W CM Power Supply In stock $189 $189 X Samsung 850 Pro 512GB SSD In stock $295 $295 X Gigabyte GeForce GTX 960 G1 Gaming 4GB In stock $339 $339 X Corsair Dominator Platinum CMD32GX4M4A2400C14 32GB (4x8GB) DDR4 In stock $359 $359 X Corsair Carbide Quiet 400Q Compact Mid-Tower Case Black In stock $149 $149 X Intel Core i7 6700 In stock $449 $449 X Western Digital WD Red 6TB WD60EFRX In stock $375 $375 X