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  1. I tried with v2 and v3 without success Btw the AppleAzalia kext must be keeped ?
  2. Sorry it doesnt work with mine I tried hard but no way I have a D946GZIS and obviously the STAC9227 codec In/out and volume control appear but no way to make it sound One thing I noticed is that all ppl that made it work have slightly different Linux dumps, mine starts this way: Codec: SigmaTel STAC9227 Address: 2 <- THATS DIFFERENT (its 0 in others) Vendor Id: 0x83847618 Subsystem Id: 0x8086a201 <- THATS DIFFERENT (the subsystem vendor is not Intel in others, and logically the prod ID neither) Revision Id: 0x100201 From the sys profiler I have TWO voices: ID dispositivo: 0x8086A201 ID audio: 4 Dispositivi disponibili: ID dispositivo: 0x174BAA10 ID audio: 4 Dispositivi disponibili: Is there any test I can make to help and make it work ?
  3. HD2400XT scrambled screen solution

    Ok guys it seems to work Please feel free to correct/extend my method if needed Thanks
  4. Ho un mac book pro e la chiavetta funziona alla perfezione senza installare il client Vodafone Questa è la guida che ho seguito: http://www.tuttologia.com/tutorial/vodafone-key-mac.html
  5. HD2400XT scrambled screen solution

    Mine is the same id, same specs, XT version from Sapphire, without fan. Perhaps a different bios revision? From nvInstaller page: It says the installer removes natit, nvinject and nvkush automatically, but you should check to see if you have others and remove them manually. *You should check you have ATY_Megalodon.kext in /System/Library/Extensions/ATIRNDRV.kext/plugins *You need to modify the EFIString before apply it to boot.plist replacing every occurrence of the string "Iago" or "Lamna" with "Megalodon" *Add inside the AtiRadeonX2000.kext relative info.plist (under IOPCIMatch) the ID: 0x94c11002 (I put it as the very first) You can try with my EFIString (its not a zip, rename txt): hd2400xt.zip
  6. New AGPGart

    Sorry I'm lost !!! Can I have step by step guide to make this work with ATi 9000 AGP (not mobility) ? I downloaded AGPGart 2.7.1 and IOPCIFamily, installed them but nothing happen I know I need to modify some plist but which ? The card ID is 0x4966:1002 Thanks
  7. HD2400XT scrambled screen solution

    I have a Sapphire HD2400XT and as a lot of ppl using injectors I was having the scrambled screen: What to do to solve: 1) Install latest drivers package from http://nvinstaller.com (9f23 as of now) 2) Open EFIStudio and press "Device Path" icon, write "display" into the first textbox and press "Get Path" button, press "To Clipboard" button, close window 3) Still inside EFIStudio select ATI HD2400 (should be selected as its the first of the list), press "Add Device" the Editor appears 4) In the editor replace /plist/dict/key node value (default value is PciRoot(0x0.......) with the one you have in the clipboard (just select old value and paste it over) 5) Still inside the editor replace every "Iago" string occurrence (you could find other kind of framebuffers like "Lamna") with "Megalodon" string 6) Still inside the editor press "write to com.apple.boot.plist" button to insert the EFI string in the system 7) Change ATIRadeonX2000.kext to include HD 2400 XT Prod.ID and Ven.ID (mine was 0x94c11002) 8) Wait for kext cache to rebuild, fix permissions with disk utility 9) Reboot CI/QE should now be enabled My system is: iDeneb 1.3 (1.5.5) + Kernel StageXNU 9.4.0 MOBO: Intel D915GAG
  8. @bigfut08 I have a HD2400XT and as a lot of ppl I was having the scrambled screen problem. I then installed latest nvinstaller package (9f23 as of now) and using EFIStudio I selected ATI HD2400, changed the framebuffer value (inside the efi string) to Megalodon Inserted the modified efi string inside boot.plist, changed ATIRadeon2000.kext to include hd2400XT Ven.ID and Prod.ID, rebooted WORKED !