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  1. Does the DSDT file depends on the CPU ? It may be the explanation about my sleep which doesn't work
  2. I tried iStat v2, but it doesn't seems to work :/
  3. The guide yes, the files no, you have to adapt them
  4. How do you know if Bonjour works or it doesn't ?
  5. Java or Ruby

    I hope it's a joke ... Well, on my mind, Pascal, OCaml,B are good for learning And Ruby/Python for high level programming/learning
  6. Well, I confirme that removing the LegacyHDAPlatformDriver and LegacyAppleHDAHardware allow to have microphone working !! And the sound as well (but i was already ok with them). You should delete them from the pack Now, i just have to understand the sleep problem. Maybe they're is an incompatibiliy with my BIOS settings ? Since its vanilla installation with /Extra folder, the software update (10.6.1 ...2 etc.. ) will be fine no ?
  7. Another question for understanting purpose : the -x32 is for loading 32bits kernel ? So chameleon upload by default 64bits kernel ? In SL - Energy Saver i just have : the two sliders 3 checkboxs : "put the hard disk to sleep when possible" "wake for ethernet network access" "allow power button to put the computer to sleep" ?
  8. Does someone have issue with sleep ? I use SleepEnabler.kext but the computer doesn't wake up after a sleep ..
  9. The OSInstall.mpkg mentioned in the guide works for me with the Golden Master release actually.
  10. First of all, thanks for this guide I have exactly the same motherboard so the installation was quite fast - and it's working 100%. The MBR "hack" also worked ! I was a little worried about this. PS : You should write "restart" after the kextcache more like that - i missed it and get a KP then
  11. Est-ce que l'installation peut marcher sur une table de partition MBR ? Parce que j'ai Arch Linux aussi sur mon disque, et il supporte pas le GUID
  12. Ralink RT2600 (RT61) PCI Wireless Card

    I also have the problem, but i don't understand why this driver doesn't work ( http://www.ralinktech.com/ralink/Home/Support/Macintosh.html )?
  13. En faite je l'avais faitavec deux disques durs dont l'un que j'ai plus. Effectivement je crois que je vais le refaire avec 2 partitions, c'est plus tranquille pour avoir accès à Kalyway de secours
  14. J'ai effacé le disque avec Kalyway Je vais voir pour Pacifist
  15. Effectivement il fonctionne parfaitement depuis que j'ai corrigé le probleme de getUUID. Par contre va falloir que je corrige le probleme de la RAM aussi, mais est-ce que quelqu'un peut attacher le kext de Kalayway ?