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  1. 780i Motherboard

    Can someone point me in the direction of a guide to get it working on my board?
  2. 780i Motherboard

    What happened to the guide for install on the 780i mobo? The search just gives me an error and google runs me into other people posting about the 780i board as well.
  3. Snow Leopard on Nforce 700 Series (780i)

    Quite similar indeed; EVGA nForce 780i 3-Way SLI 6GB (800MHz Dual DDR2 RAM) nVidia 9800GX2 SSC I've got several OS's going on my machine, I'd just like to have the latest/greatest thing to come from Apple...and working. Looks like a great read for me, I'll check it out and see what I can do with my troublesome SnoKitty :3
  4. Snow Leopard on Nforce 700 Series (780i)

    I have it installed, I just tried getting my GPU to be properly recognized, and now it's screwed up and I have yet to try again because of college and whatnot. My old nForceATA.kext works, I also got my Ethernet working with the same kexts [i think, meh, I had networking]. Then just a plethora of KP's. Well, I'm moving a LOT of things around on my HDD because of Win7 showing up on my colleges MSDN partnership site [no more RC ]. We'll see what happens
  5. but the Q6600's tjunction is at 100 °C I still need help with the warmd panic
  6. What is the "warmd" kernel panic? I'm getting only that after 3 seconds of run time on the desktop
  7. Ok, well, I've gotten 2 different kernel panics [warmd, and WindowServer], and 2 "YOU MUST RESTART" messages after installing video drivers from the pkg that worked for Leo the 9800GX2 is detected the same way as in Leo [completely detected, except core 2 doesn't have any vRAM but it's not really being used i don't think]. In the time that it is up, it's a lot less jumpy and no more mouse blinking; everythings smooth like butter, then a kernel panic, lol. Ideas for that?
  8. Would video drivers go to "/System/Library/Extensions"? I'd like to know what to backup before I start experimenting with the "auto-enabler" pkg I have.
  9. I wanna try a pkg to fix my video drivers. If I backed up my Extensions folder, is that enough? -=EDIT=- I successfully got my ethernet working via this thread found on google [from an InfiniteMac thread]: http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=125569
  10. To get my video working better, I decided to use the multi-card enabler pkg I picked up when I installed Leo. Would I have to backup my Extensions folder I wanted to try this?
  11. Well your guide, along with fantastic help from others in certain areas, has gotten me to a bare desktop with somethings to fix up
  12. So the kext utility deffo didn't do anything, it still panics from Spotlight with drives not private. And I still need to fix the vRAM from 32MB to 512MB [it gets really laggy] and it currently has no internet and no noticing of my very own ethernet ports. My mouse also blinks some times, but I think that has to do with the video drivers. Ideas? :3
  13. Glad I could help XP Anyways, running those commands [both of them] say "No such file or directory" Upon inspection, they're not there.....wat? But I'm sitting on the desktop with 32MB of vRAM for my 512per core card >.< and no LAN [no ethernet port is detected].
  14. LOL, GTX260 Government Issue Black Edition Alrighty, lets see what happens
  15. OF ALL THINGS I FORGOT *facepalm.jpeg* How can I do it with terminal commands? [i've got 4+drives] Also, when you say "do it in Leo"....well I get lost there [i've never used Spotlight, I only really use QuickSilver]