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  1. Gigabyte M912 Atheros MiniPCIe

    figured it out: had to remove NetworkInterfaces.plist and renwe all, now its working.
  2. Gigabyte M912 Atheros MiniPCIe

    Hello, I've got windosx86 with 10.5.5 neatly up and running on my Gigabyte M912X, even the touchscreen is working, registers as HID Mouse, calibration is not possible but ok for leafing through PDFs. Now i got myself an Atheros 5008 card, which is recognized by macosx as Airport, but I'm unable to activate it. (Airport: Not Configured) I tried the Pin20 trick, but no go, also, i tried to remove all network interfaces and reboot with airport only, but still no go. Has anyone a hint on how to enable a MiniPCIe Card in an M912? The netbook has a FNKey for that, what works on windows only. Probably there's seom trick with setpci? thanks, Karl