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  1. Asus EEE 1215N

    finally i installed iatkos l2 but i have some problem my screen 64mb and 1024*768 and i can't use my stock wifi i have to use external usb wifi adapter how can i solve this problems. thank you
  2. so cant i do this already installed vista cant i do this i use vista can you tell me install on vista
  3. sorry bro. did u install first vista 64 and second mac. or first mac or second vista. now im using vista. sorry again my english not good
  4. hi guys. i need something to install mac osx on vista 64bit. i do everthing but i have nothing i see everytime "no system" messega on starting. what i have to do use dual boot vista 64bit and mac osx
  5. hi everybody. i installed mac osx on my asus m51sn but i have some problems first one i can hear any sound and i cant connect internet what can i do pls help me
  6. hi man i use asus m51sn and i have this problem and i found this bios setup if its correct if u send me patched bios what i have to do can u help me http://rapidshare.com/files/164187218/M51_bios_.rar.html
  7. Asus M51 laptop booting problem

    i already have iatkos and leopard .
  8. hi eveybody. i have Asus M51 laptop has intel T9300 2.5ghz cpu 4gb ram nvidia 9500m gs graphic card and 250gb sata hdd then i have two dvds first one is iatkos v4i i open this dvd open apple screen and wheel is spining alltime i waited 2 hours then wheel still spining and doing nothing. then i downloaded leopard but i dont know which version i boot that dvd also i see screen like dos counting something then stop i also wait doing nothing. what i have to do? please help me