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  1. I have a problem with my macbook air. I have a wireless network, Netgear router, in my home. I have no problem connecting to it and surfing the web with my windows laptop as well as my macbook air. i also connect no problem at my campus network in college. When i go to my girlfriends house, which has a wireless network with a Belkin router, i can connect and surf easily with my windows laptop, but when i try to use my macbook air on it, it connects to the network, so it cant be that the password is wrong. when i open up firefox, it loads my home page and maybe one other page, and then everything else after that, it says "waiting for" blah blah blah. every page. so basically it stops working. what could be wrong?
  2. changing hardware serial on macbook air

    im a bit of a whore for customization XD i want to make the serial number a name of someone dear to me, and my birthday, but hidden among letters. i kind of want to brand my "about this mac" screen. whenever i have a new comp i always like to mod it out the wazoo! and also im wondering if i change the serial to my friends mac serial, if i could get apple care linked to his LoL! where do i get this kext by superhai?
  3. Is there a way to change my mac's serial #?

    is it possible to change to serial number of a macbook air? does the posted .dmg work for mac book air? is there a way to change serial numbers just with commands at startup? in open firmware, or you need to use a boot disk? my Air doesnt have a cd drive XD