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    USB Issues 10.5.2

    Hi, I may be a bit behind on the current state of the USB functionality here.... but my question is... Devices seem to work only when they are plugged into a usb port on startup.... once you unplug the device it seems its hit and miss if it will be redetected. is there a way to script reloading the usb drivers to scan the bus again? if this has been fixed already with new drivers..... i'd love to hear about it. DC
  2. divinecomedian

    Acer 5920 Laptop / Ethernet / Wireless

    Hi, New to the whole mac os on my acer 5920. Just thought I would add to the list of good usb wifi cards. I'm using the D-Link DWA-140 with great success! Any news on the audio drivers? Mic Functionality? Sound Input/Headphone capabilties? Seems to me to be the only thing left to fix! DC