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  1. DVI ?

    Hmmm, Natit worked before but I b0rked the isntal and had to re do it, now when I try and isntal natit upon rebooting I am greeted by a blank white screen. Also, when trying to instal the other .pkg you linked I get an error, asking me to try installing again, which doesn't work. Cheers for the help !
  2. DVI ?

    I have found that I can only get OSX to display using a VGA output, this is a hassle to me. Is there anyway I Can use my DVI output? JaS 10.4.8 ATI x1800xt
  3. No matter what options I choose at install It just asks me to try installation again. Burned at 1.5 speed, the Disc Check it performs says it is fine. :/
  4. OK well after countless problems with the JaS version of 10.4.8 I finaly got hold of the 10.4.7 version and installed this fine. Now there's 3 problems I'm having once I get into OS X. 1. About This Mac: When I attempt to open ATM OS X logs me out and then back in, closing everything I have open etc. 2. Whenever I try and open .pkg files, or anything that uses the "Installer" app, the Installer will lock up with the spinning beach ball and we be non responsive, forcing me to use Force Quit to get rid of it. I've tried lots of different .pkg's varying from x1*00 driver packages and random applications from the net. 3. I'm using a Dell 2405 24" Monitor, the highest res this monitor supports is 1920x1200@60hz, OS X will only let me select 1920x1200@76hz, which the screen will not display, if I use 1920x1080 a fairly big portion of my display goes missing over the edge. Anyway to force res/refresh rate? I have tried reinstalling multiple times with different drivers etc being installed from the JaS setup menu, and always I get these same 3 problems. If anyone has any insight into ANY off these problems I'd greatly appreciate it. Thanks.
  5. Supported Virtual Machine

    Can you even read? I DIDN'T MAKE THE VIRTUAL MACHINE, I DOWNLODED IT. Anyway, you can set the guest OS as whatever the fk you like aslong as you set the HDD to IDE ...
  6. Supported Virtual Machine

    I didn't make it, just downloaded it, it's a darwin instal, the ISO isn't included and it doesn't appear to give a file size anywhere.
  7. Supported Virtual Machine

    VMWare, found this via torrents. Look at the mounted CD image, it boots darwin but hangs.