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  1. Hello everyone. I recently installed OSX 10.6 on my macbook pro 2008 non unibody.. i do not have the original cd's so i had to use a retail snow leopard. after installing my keyboard and trackpad do not function. This happened to me before when i tried putting the pro's hard drive into my macbook and using my macbook's recovery cd to install 10.6 then swapped the hard drive back into my pro. the keyboard and mouse didnt work. and im assuming its because the macbook cd is only good for macbooks, hardware in the pro must be different.. so is there any drivers or something out there that i can use to get my keyboard and trackpad to work again? or does anyone have the original restore disk for a MacBook Pro 4,1 ? EDIT.. id also like to add.. after restarting the keyboard and mouse both WORK for about 15 min then they cut out again
  2. Hello. so i recently installed osx86 on my computer. specs are in sig i used the iPC_OSx86_10_5_6_Universal_PPF5_Final iso. got it working pretty nicely. Sound works. video works. ethernet bugs out and crashes my entire network so im using a USB WiFi adapter. right now my only issues are, USB,Video, and my DVD burner. lets start with usb... I plugged my iphone in and nothing. thats basically it. is there a driver i need to get my usb working? my mouse and keyboard are usb so i know it works. whats with my phone not working? 2.. video. I have a GeForce 8800GT KO 512mb video card. i installed the NVinject021-512 driver. and it was working good till now. i ran the osx86tools and pressed on the driver installer. and now my card is bugged. is there any kind good driver for this specific card? or a stable one everyone else uses? and last. my dvd burner. i have an ASUS DRW-2014LIT SATA DVD burner. os x detecs it, but when i put a disk in, all it does is give me an error about not being able to read it. thats about it. if theres anything you guys feel like throwing in that i should know or recommend getting. please feel free to let me know.
  3. Jc61990

    Help: Installing on Gateway T-1631

    i have the same laptop and also can not install leopard. ive tried at least 6 different versions and still nothing. they either get to Still Waiting for root device.. or if i can get in it wont detect my hard drive. if anyone knows whats wrong it would be cool to know as well.
  4. Jc61990

    Cant install osx

    bump... help anyone? still cant get osx on my laptop Gateway T-1631 AMD Turion64 X2 TL-60 ATi Radeon X1200 Series 250GB SATA HDD Latest System Bios. 3GB Ram
  5. Jc61990

    Cant install osx

  6. Jc61990

    Cant install osx

    ok i got it installed using the iDneeb disk on my Desktop which has a intel processor. and when it told me to restart to complete the installation.. i got this
  7. Jc61990

    Cant install osx

    for some reason, i can not get osx 10.5.X to install on my laptop. ive used at least 5 different versions.. and of them only 2 get to the boot screen with the apple. then a error icon pops up.... ive tried installing on 1gb ram and no difference.. the same error happens with both disks Gateway T-1631 AMD Turion64 X2 ATi Radeon 3GB Ram 250GB HDD heres the picture Edit: forgot to mention, the versions ive tried... 10.5.2 kalway -fail to load 10.5 osx86 iatakos - fail to load 10.5.2 itakos - fail to load 10.5.5 iDneeb (i think) - loads and gives above picture 10.5.5 different iDneeb- loads and gives above picture