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  1. Disabler no ⇒ only FakeSMC v2 Boot Thing 2.3 ⇒-x32 x3100 working!!! Now,sound alc883 not working... (Woodoo HDA) DSDT patcher⇒ERROR!
  2. If boot with arch=i386 (Chameleon RC3) ⇒boot stops⇒AppleIntelCPUPowermanagement timed out...
  3. My Amilo Pi2512 GMA X3100 don't work! (no kext loaded, 1024∗768) Keyboard perfect! Trackpad don't work...
  4. New Chameleon 2.0-RC3!

    About the new options SMBIOS Finally you can specify your smbios.plist location using a device selector prefix like “SMBIOS=rd(0,0)/Extra/smbios.plist”. VideoROM You can pass an alternate video ROM image file to the system. VBIOS Using this boolean switch, you can control the injection of your video BIOS to device-properties. We got various reports if this switch is really needed to make your graphics device handled correctly by the system. h t t p://chameleon.osx86.hu/articles/chameleon-20-rc3-with-snow-leopard-and-large-disk-support
  5. help please ! intel 965 express chipset family driver

    Download Antivirus????
  6. Not working,Restart,Restart.... sudo -s cp /Volumes/Snow\ Alternative/boot /Volumes/<<[YourUsualBootVolume]>> 64bit Disabler kext?
  7. -x32 or arch=i386 ⇒panic,panic... Intel GMA x3100 only 64bit