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  1. Working x200 solution natively install

    just a quick question How do i patch that into the 10.4.5 image i have.
  2. ATi x200

    i have tried using rd=disk0s1 and that just makes the kernal panic. Any suggestions.
  3. ATi x200

    Hi all I have the 10.4.5 install DVD. But i have the ati 200m chipset so i get the still waiting for root device error. Does anyone know if i can install it natively using that dvd. Without having to download a different iso or installing it through VMware. As i am currently on 64k internet i cant just download another iso.
  4. Working x200 solution natively install

    Can someone please give me a link to that.
  5. Hi all I have recently performed the VMware to native. And i have not had much luck. I can get OSX to boot, but it takes about half an hour. Im running 10.4.5, The problem is that my CPU is around 99% usage all the time. Unfortunatly the APPLETPMACPI.KEXT file does not exist. So does anyone have any other suggestions. Specs Compaq v2418 AMD mobile sempron 3000+ 768mb of ram Ati radeon xpress 200m
  6. Best performance please?

    Does anyone know how to fix the pointer lag problem. Im fine with putting up with application lag. But the pointer lag just makes osx unusable. Anyone know if there is VMware tools or a patch to fix this problem.
  7. Hi all here are my specs. AMD mobile sempron 3000+ 768mb ram 40gb hdd ATI radeon xpress 200m I have tried running OSX in VMware. but its painfully slow. The mouse pointer laggs and it takes about half a minute jsut to start safari. Can anyone tell me how to stop the lag. Im willing to put up with the application lagg. But someone tell me please. hoe to stop the pointer lag.. Thanks p.s please dont tell me to run osx natively because i cant.
  8. Will my comp run 10.4.5

    Hi all I have an old system i want to install OSX on. I have osx86 10.4.5 Specs: AMD Athlon 900MHz socket A (sse2 i think) 392mb of ram 30gb HDD Will my system run it. I know it will lag im prepared to put up with that. p.s does anyone know if my CPU does have SSE2
  9. Running OSX in VMware

    im running osx86 in VMware on my laptop that is running xp sp2 i have given it 128mb of ram and in the task manager i am only using up about 65% of my CPU. yet the mouse pointer laggs soo much. the ram should not make any difference to the pointer. so can any one tell me whats going on.
  10. Virtual harddrives HELP!

    Because i get the "still waiting for root device when trying to install osx on my laptop. i was told i need to copy my VMware harddrive on to my harddrive and boot form that. can anyone tell me how to do that.
  11. Installing OSx86 on laptop (PROBLEMS)

    ANYONE!!! if i cant get OSX working i have to run crappy windoze or FC5
  12. Installing OSx86 on laptop (PROBLEMS)

    no when the apple logo is on the screen. but i did it in the diag mode so i could see the error message
  13. Installing OSx86 on laptop (PROBLEMS)

    It says that in the installation
  14. I have a compaq presario v2418 AMD mobile sempron 3000+ 256mb DDR RAM 40GB HDD ATI Radeon 200M and when i try installing OSx86 on it it says still waiting for root device. i have left it doing that for a couple of hours, but still nothing. What do i do??