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  1. chrilled

    fermi/gtx 480/gtx 470

    I tried it but now luck for me. Then again perhaps someone with better skillz than me should try it before writing it off. Btw @cmf: does the fermi chameleon contain 460s with 0e22 dev id's?
  2. Darn, I didn't read the posts prior to buying my gainward gtx 460 GS. I wish I had. Well, I might as well give it a try. Note: I read that "0x0e2010de&0xffe0ffff" is for gtx 460. I just booted my hack with my gtx 460 as secondary and osx reported my device id as 0e22. I'll give it a noob-try and report back. /C Edit: same result as everyone else. Can boot in with low res and no other support or screen goes black just as OSX is about to load. Havnt tried strings or dsdt though, but other report same issues so i'll waste my time on something else instead. Gainward gtx 460 GS
  3. I noticed that I was a bit unclear. I am currently using jon55 f3a bios and using addidasprinces patch to enable 512mb memory for the graphics. I was under the impression that 256mb and 512mb graphics needed different patches in chameleon with different memory ranges. Have I missunderstood something? /C
  4. I also had to tamper with the active partition. You might get some more info on setting by reading this for example (note external link). Is there anything with boot0 and boot1h that you have missed? I know to little to give you answers though. Remember that its a bit different using the EFI partiton and directly from system-partition. Hope that this can serve as some help. /C Thank you for posting this! I must try it. However what setup is it for? 512gfx and 4 gig ram? /C
  5. I havnt been playing since my failed upgrade to 10.6.2. Yesterday I brought the thing back to life again. Updated to 10.6.3 in the process and its running fine with 4gig ram and 512 gfx. Same procedure as with updating to 10.6.2. Sleepenabler must match system version, install kext to disable appleintelcpu*** management. Download the combo-update and install. I even did a perm. repair after finishing upgrade and before pressing restart.. Check netkas .org and this forum for newer versions of mentioned kexts. Still no audio/lan after sleep though. I even played with two sata disks and are now booting on a raid (striped) installation. (Just to clarify, chameleon loads from another drive and then I boot into the raid) Havn't done any more tests. /C
  6. Heheh got itchy fingers and updated to 10.6.2 in swupdate.. A big no no!.. EBIOS error and stuff. Dont have the time to dwell in that. Just a heads up.. So do it the right way. I know netkas has some info on his site and I guess there wil be some in this forum as well. Just dont be lazy like me and just press update. I will try it the right way tomorrow /C
  7. This was fun! I just did a fast install and it worked. Flashed bios with jon55 f3a, downloaded the kext-package (all but nforce are now in my extras) Used carbon copy cloner to a drive from my mbp (with SL)... Edited UUIDS as suggested. Installed cham from adidasprinces first post. Dont forget the customize button if youre getting a yellow exclamation mark during install (I added gfx recognition and so forth..).. The installation finished all the way through. Popped the drivie in my htpc.. Booted verbose and voila.. Ran memtest without snow. Getting loads of errors in the end but I guess that has to do with the now "locked" memory area. Thats it.. didnt test anything else but I noticed alot of sound assertion-errors during boot (might be due to me forgotting to disable hdmi audio in bios) and a long halt at waiting for dsmos. Just a short update.. A huge thanks to all of you that have contributed with your time and effort in getting past the memory problem! /C
  8. Wooaa! This is great news! I havn't touched my htpc since Signal64 told me about the old acpi in the bios! Super nice work, I really must try this.. and luckily its a week end.. /C
  9. chrilled

    Gigabyte's Nvidia 9400 powered M-ATX MOBO

    Hi yhX. Have you tried the memtest or anything else? Could you do me a favor and at least right-click the 700 meg combo 5.7 update and choose compress... It goes to about 400 meg before my screen garbles and the graphics is unresponsive.. This only happens with 4 gig+ ram.. /c
  10. chrilled

    Gigabyte's Nvidia 9400 powered M-ATX MOBO

    I leave the compressing of large files to you, but the memtest can be found in post #99 /c
  11. chrilled

    Gigabyte's Nvidia 9400 powered M-ATX MOBO

    yhX. Congrats to your working system. Could you try to -for example- zip a folder containing two 900 meg files or similar. After that try mrosxnoobs mem test that was posted here a few weeks ago. If your system doesn't "snow" on any of them you don't have the problem. I'm really curious about your success.
  12. chrilled

    Gigabyte's Nvidia 9400 powered M-ATX MOBO

    In my case: OSX mbp restore DVD asks: do you have a MBP? .. No.. Ok, then you cant install. It's a modified installer that enables installation on other hardware. That's why I had to make a new installer with that mpkg (replacing the original..). -Tnx Signal64 btw. Personally I prefer installing everything via my genuine mac onto an external drive and then installing a loader of your choice (with needed dsdt.aml and kexts like smbiosresolver, decrypt and disabler to name a few..) before putting it back into my hackintosh. -Thx DiaboliK. This process can be made quite "noob friendly" with pcwiz's installer that combines the work of some great hackintosh devs. I recommend the 10.5.6 release since it contains everything (the only release before this with the proper kexts was the MBP restore 10.5.5, thats why I used that, and the fact that I own the disc). No I'm not using any distros, several people have tried and shared their experiences in this thread. If you need more accurate info on the osinstall try a search. There are a few threads about it.
  13. chrilled

    Gigabyte's Nvidia 9400 powered M-ATX MOBO

    Just a small recap if you havn't read through all the posts. Mainly post-installation. I thought I'd just post a link back to the excellent post made by Signal64 that summarizes the problems with this board. Remember that the end of the post contains some very useful kexts. I have not found any other kext or nvcap that would be better to use with this board. Signal64s post I also use this nvcap that I extracted a while back. NVKush is the obvious choice. 04000000 00000100 02000000 00000007 00000000 That is> BAAAAAAAAQACAAAAAAAABwAAAAA= - Seems to have issues with mirroring. Dual works like a charm though. If anyone has found any solution to any of the issues listed in Signal64's post, feel free to share the wealth. /C
  14. chrilled

    Why is this site slow?

    I think its because so many are using caps-lock while writing. That kind of information puts great load on the servers [...]
  15. chrilled

    Gigabyte's Nvidia 9400 powered M-ATX MOBO

    Yes that would be very interesting. Are all in/outputs working on sound? Even HDMI? Thanks for sharing though! /Chrilled