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  1. The initial posts date back to 2007. RME has since updated their driver (2008) which works perfectly fine (unpatched) for 32-bit Snow Leopard (for me, at least).
  2. I have not managed to get this working. 32 bit works perfectly in SL. 64 bit mode doesn't see any sound device. It doesn't appear that RME has any plans for development of the 64 bit drivers for the PCI version - as far as I can tell. I've checked their forums and google. Apparently there isn't anyone requesting 64 bit drivers for the older PCI card? What a shame. Since I'm not so thrilled about the converters in my Multiface, I probably will move up to something better - rather than spend money towards upgrading to the HDSP PCIe card.
  3. Some tracks for VAIO display support

    This thread is for serious posts that are trying to resolve a particular issue. Please search the forum before posting. You're likely to find the answers to your questions. Thanks
  4. After lots of experiments, rd=diskX is the only solution that works for me, too. I never did try updating the BIOS on the DG35EC. Which BIOS are you currently running? Thanks for the tip!
  5. I've been racking my brain (banging head on desk) for over 4 days now. I have the same motherboard and am trying to accomplish bootable raid 0. I've followed every tutorial that google could find. I will experiment with your technique. Have you found a better solution for a bootable raid with Retail Leopard on this MB (DG35EC)? Thanks