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  1. hackinjosh

    Battery Life Drop After 10.5.7

    Awesome! Way to go I will keep at it then. thanks for the reply Interesting I have never tried the CPUS=1 fix before... I actually wrote most of the wiki for our "macbooks" so that will tell you what set up I have. I have used the vanilla kernel and never selected any drivers except broadcom and power management fix. Updating to 10.5.6 via the genuine apple update worked fine once I figured out to re-install PS/2 drivers before rebooting Next plan is to upgrade to 10.5.6 via the update downloaded from apple then try to get 10.5.7 working from there. I have never really even thought to use a hacked kernel, as the reason I bought it was it's striking similarity to the macbook pro ( hardware wise ) Cool to hear the trackpad pane can be made to work finally. As far as battery meter, I was able to get that working with some info from the forums here. Can you do a screenshot with ALT+SHIFT+3 ? It doesn't work for me.
  2. hackinjosh

    Waiting for UUID Volume

    OK, I know this post is a bit old, but just in case... I have had this error before too. I found a thread on how to fix somewhere. Anyway, to fix it use kexts from either a working backup or off the install cd. Boot from the install disk, open a terminal and do something like this: # cp -r /Volumes/Install Disk/System/Library/Extensions/*ATA* /Volumes/Hard Drive/System/Library/Extensions/ then remove kext cache # rm /Volumes/HD/System/Library/Extensions.mkext quit terminal open diskutil repair the disk and permissions cross fingers & reboot with -v -f Good Luck
  3. hackinjosh

    Battery Life Drop After 10.5.7

    Hello There! I also have an Extensa 4620z ( see other threads/how-tos ) and so far it's been great. However I can't get the 10.5.7 update to work for the life of me. On my first attempt to upgrade from 10.5.6 I messed up on the intel CPU powermanagement kext removal and totally hosed my system and had to start over. Now I am back on 10.5.5 and have failed at 3 attempts to upgrade to 10.5.7 I can get the update to install and it reboots with no panics. However after the root device loads, it hangs infinitely ( I left it for 8 hours once ). On a good boot its the point where you should get the message "Jettesoning Kernel Linker" but that message never appears an it just sits idle... forever. What distro / kernel are you using? What release did you upgrade from? Did you follow my guides to install? Hopefully I can get some tips soon... my next attempt will be to upgrade to 10.5.6 following the method I know works then try again... but any advice or info from any over you other Aplacer heads out there would be much appreciated! Thanks!
  4. 2 - my USB ports are now too slow and someone of them don't go Please, What can I do? I would try installing the USB drivers by clicking the 'download and install hardware drivers' from OSX86Tools. There is a USB driver in there that might work for you.
  5. hackinjosh


    When I decided to install OSx86 I just downloaded the iDeneb v1.3 (mac OS 10.5.5) image, burnt a DVD and went for it. I learned quite a bit through trial and error. If you can find a install that uses 10.5.6 I would go with that as updating can be a pain in the ass. When you install, the last step before you actually install there will be a 'customize install' button. Make sure you click this and go through and check all the appropriate drivers for your system. Once you've installed you'll know what doesn't work My USB just worked with the vanilla driver and I installed the driver for my network off of the install DVD (broadcom driver). If your network card is a common brand like realtek it will probably just work. It took me a while to get my audio to work, but I have this board to thank for that. You can expect to have some work ahead of you, but IMHO it's worth it.
  6. Hey! If you use this guide and the attached kexts, please post your results. Kthnxplz
  7. hackinjosh

    iDeneb 1.3

    What are you installing iDeneb on? PS/2 keyboard and mouse worked fine for me installing iDeneb on an Acer Laptop. Did you check your bios settings? Are you upgrading or is this a fresh install? Your easiest fix is probably to get a USB keyboard and mouse to use for the install. If you buy it from somewhere like Fry's or Best Buy you can return the k/m for a refund when you are done!
  8. hackinjosh

    Problems after updating to 10.5.6

    unix is CaSe SenSiTive volumes != Volumes your disk hierarchy is in /Volumes if you're new to the command line, here are some more fun utilities: lsof (list open files) lspci (list your pci bus) man (man pages, to read manual for say, ls you would type 'man ls') top (list processes) uptime (how long computer has been on) also if you follow most any command with -h it will give you a quick bit of help have fun!
  9. hackinjosh

    OSx86 10.6 installed but!

    Where did you find 10.6 ? The latest release is 10.5.6
  10. hackinjosh

    iDeneb v1.3 10.5.5 won't install

    Faulty install medium maybe? I am assuming you downloaded the install image from bit torrent, try running a 'verify local data' on it. If the image is good try (re)burning it to DVD and installing off that. I don't know, this is just a guess, but that error looks like the bios is having trouble reading your install medium. Good luck!
  11. Awesome! I have the same laptop. What a sweet deal! Anyway, I have started a wiki page for the Acer Extensa 4620z HERE I have already posted quite a bit of info there, but it still needs some love. It would be cool if I could get some help from you other 4620erz did you install all the drivers? the only one that works for me is the Broadcom.. if I install the video-card update it breaks, audio driver breaks too. I don't know what the USB driver will do but I am afraid to try it. did you try installing audio following the directions in my posts? follow these directions here remember to always fix permissions etc. using osx86 tools after you do any kind of updates otherwise nothing will work the files are available for download at the top of the post. worked great for me on 10.5.5 and 10.5.6
  12. I have a mostly working update on my hackintosh. After I figured out how to upgrade and still have a working keyboard and mouse (see here) everything seemed pretty much good to go... but it's not. 1. My battery meeter has disappeared. Anyone have any idea how to fix this? 2. My broadcom wifi shuts itself off randomly (it's happened twice in a week) and I have to reboot to turn it on again. 3. My fan stays on low and the laptop gets super hot. I repiar permissions and reboot and the fan is on high and the box cools right down. So, what the heck is causing these extensions to unload/crash? Is there a way do unload/reload these extensions? (something like rmmod in linux???) Is anyone else having these problems? Have I completely lost the plot?
  13. hackinjosh

    mouse keyboard not working

    I figured out a way to do the upgrade without needing a USB keyboard/mouse. I have the kexts all bundled up for download and a howto at this post: Upgrade How To / Working Mouse/Keyboard
  14. hackinjosh

    Hackintosh OSX86 wiki?

    I have been a gentoo user for some time and have always loved the gentoo wiki. There is a wiki for OSX86 HERE but it has very little content. I propose a group effort to start moving and organizing the mess of information that is this forum over too the wiki. I am not trying in any way to say this forum is not awesome and essential, I just think that the howto info should be organized into the wiki. To do my part I have started a page for the Acer Extensa 4620z HERE I have received emails from other users with the same laptop, so I know you're out there! come help with the wiki!
  15. hackinjosh

    Is a Hackintosh hard to maintain?

    First step is to google for a torrent file of the most recent OSX86 install disk. I used the iDeneb v1.3 10.5.5 dvd. Download the image, burn it to a dvd and boot your PC from it. When you install be sure to click the "Customize" button so you can select to install apropriate drivers. Again google around for a howto on installing and recommended hardware. I use an Acer Extensa 4620z laptop that I got for $500 and I love it. For the most part maintenance is easy. Updating the OS can be tricky (see my other posts) but everything else works just fine using the apple auto updater. Good Luck!