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  1. Perhaps my name doesn't need any further explanation. If you don't know Cupertino, you need to seriously read up on Apple Computer. Cupertino is the most amazing place... for anyone who has never seen the Apple campus in Silicon Valley... well worth a ROAD TRIP!!!
  2. where can i get it?

    Here's a perfect place to get Mac OS X v. 10.4.6!!! http://www.apple.com/macosx Don't steal Apple's software! It ruins your karma and besides, if you steal and the next person steals, then when do you think Apple will EVER release OS X on a generic PC? If you need it REALLY FAST, then just head on down to a local Apple Store. You'll be blown away by all the amazing things the mac can do. Mac OS X: $129.00 Getting fined for software piracy: $250,000.00 Buying a legal copy of Mac OS X so you can sleep easy at night: priceless. Later, -Cupe.
  3. Great work putting this together! The battery meter works quite well (despite sometimes showing 102% charge...weird), but seems to be dead on when plugged in and not. Screen will sleep when I set it (15 mins), but if I go to the Apple Menu and select Sleep, or close the lid, it'll go to sleep (pulsing power light and all), but never wake up. Well, not 100% sure of this. When I open the lid, hit the power button... the HD spins up, my DVD drive spins up... like it's coming out of sleep. But the screen stays pitch black. So, an improvement from before (where I couldn't even access any power management stuff), but still having quirky issues. Is there anything else I can try, to help figure this out? Thanks again, -Cupertino
  4. 10 teraflops on G5 in 2003...

    Ahh... memories. I remember when this was put together... amazing. Thanks for sharing the link with us. Later, -Cupe