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  1. Strange error with Graphics card!

    I have PC-EFI 10.5 running via digital dreamers script. I used to have an official mac 4870 card installed which was perfect, I am now trying to install a GTX285 using its string in the com.apple.com plist. The system will boot but STILL show an ATI HD 4870 installed with 32mb of ram? Any help would be great, is the OS still looking at some other folder for the 4870, do I need to delete an entry from somewhere?
  2. driver for GTX 285

    \ Hi, I have a INNO3D 1GB 285, I am using PC-EFI 10.6 what do I need to get card working (only being seens as 32MB card at mo with terrible resolution!)
  3. Logic 9 problem

    I have a strange issue where the loop will randomly readjust itself every now and then?? Apart from the logic 9.1 is very happy
  4. I am using this case : http://www.xcase.co.uk/Compucase-4u-s401-p...ucase-s401b.htm ( In Silver) It matches the digi I/O's perfectly! The machine is in same room as me (I dont record vocals etc so its fine) even though its very quiet (slightly louder than my 2008 Mac Pro) I was going to use liquid cooling but no need, I used a foam kit from quiet pc : http://www.quietpc.com/gb-en-gbp/products/...terials/ap-kits its good enough for most! Hope that helps and check pic for idea
  5. Hey, really the only pain was trying to get the sound card onboard working (which I gave up on and disabled, complete rubbish anyway!) My Quadro GFX were a little lagging so changed to a ATI 4870 and super sharp now! other than that happy days and now running with m,y C24 control surface via ethernet as well
  6. Also wondering if anyone has experience putting this into a rack case? i'm looking at this: Check my thread on Rack mount case, cooling etc with Pro Tools HD http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php...p;#entry1384689 cheers
  7. HI, no not out of the box, my spec (in signature) works great, take a look at Digital dreamers thread for a very nice low key install method. No matter what you do though you will need to get your hands dirty! I tried some of the "Out of the box" methods and they were no good. Let me know if you need help cheers
  8. Changed Quadro 5600 for ATI 4870 (official Mac model) today as was getting some screen draw issues in Pro Tools, system seems a lot better now and no jerkiness at all, I did post a note in the Hardware section asking about Kexts & DSDT's and how they work with a card, obviously the 5600 being a high end card I wondered if the kext was suitable for it? (no response yet, feel free to chime in) Also added a Digidesign C24 desk today (works via ethernet) and so far all good with it popping up in Pro Tools as it should and being responsive as it should
  9. Dual Display with ATI 4870?

    I Have an official Apple 4870 but the system will not boot with it in, I am using PC EFI 10.5 with digital dreamer script for EX58 What is the procedure to add an ATI card?
  10. Quadro FX5600

    Anyone? Basically the question is, are DSDT's written to cover and whole manufactures range (in this case Nvidia) or is it just simply allowing the card to be used and not specifically utilising its power? Just about to start working on HD footage FCS and colour so would prefer my card to be running tiptop before getting stuck in cheers
  11. Quadro FX5600

    I have a 5600 in my system and I'm using the Digital Dreamer EX58 script to install (Using PC EFI 10.5) My question is using the DSDT in his install gets my 5600 working (showing correctly in profile etc) BUT is the full power of the card being utilised with this DSDT? Reason I ask is that obviously being a very expensive high end card and the DSDT probably not being written for it as much as some of the other standard Nvidia cards I wonder if I am using the full potential of the card (or have I got it completely wrong and once the card is seen in OSX thats it!)
  12. I am running 10.5 with 10.6.2 and 8.0.3 and it all seems fine here!
  13. my main concern is firewire usability with the apogee duet and i hope that i wont have any dramas. again, well done with your build and i may be asking YOU for advise next too No problem, I haven't run any FW interface yet (but I do have a Mbox Pro so can try at weekend) I hooked up a FW HD and it mounted instantly and worked fine so fingers crossed! Will update once tried. cheers
  14. OK so finally got build finished with help from Digital Dreamer, Noizyboy & Cindori (Many Thanks!) Build consists of everything in my signature and with install of OSX 10.6.2 using DD's script and then removing what wasn't needed i.e few kexts (thanks Tonymacx86 and Cindori) I'm over the moon. I am a Mac Tech and have 12 yrs under my belt BUT due to needing PCI slots for my Digidesign Pro Tools HD cards I was left to fend for myself if I wanted to use something newer than a 2.7Ghz PCI G5 Powermac to run them (was a great machine but come on!) I also really wanted rackmount capability to get the Mac in a Rack (have wanted that for about 6 yrs!) In all honesty what I have now is nothing short of amazing considering I also have an 8 Core 2.26Ghz Mac Pro specced out (over £3000 in total) and did this machine at just under £1300! OK so not Dual i7 and it has 6GB ram instead of 12GB on my Mac Pro, BUT Geekbench shows roughly the same mark on both and it really is like sh*t off a shovel. I really would like to be able to help fellow users if I can in the future that use High end PCI cards such as Digidesign, Avid, AJA etc etc to get systems running if they want to give it a try or simply need to do real time stuff tbut maybe don't have a spare £3000-4000 in the bank. This is one case where the Hackintosh community is making it easier for the smaller guy to continue using their preferred platform (Mac) with cards that the manufacturer deems "Old technology" and still get work done without re-mortgaging their house to buy a new Mac AS WELL as new cards (aimed directly at Digidesign!!!!) Please post if you want to find out more. I will be putting this system through various high load stress tests over the upcoming weeks and reporting back with findings. From running RTAS/VST & audio unit Plugs to decoding/rendering (Red files etc) and large file transfer projects (may even try some fibre channel stuff to Raid etc) Thank you to all that helped and will no doubt continue to help. PS sound dampening was also a major factor in this build so will post some pics tomorrow on rackmount soundproofing and fans we used etc