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  1. Hi blackosx! and thank you again OK, about to try to understand the procedures, well you are wright but, when I get them something else change and I need to use the mac everyday and with out it I´m toast! well thank you again for the instructions.! I didn´t do it but audio is working with the instructions in point 3. Should I do it? About the sleepenabler.kext I didn´t use it in the begining, but it doesn´t work, so I need to use it. But if you say that it´ll work with out it, ok I´ll remove it and try again. I use your instruction for the instalation of the OS and I brought the MOBO because you was using it, so thanks. What should I do to remove the sleep enabler and the other things? I think I use because I´m using 2 monitors, but I´m not sure ... was about a year ago.. Thank you very much!
  2. Thank you blackosx ! I´m always scared about the updates, thanks for your help I´ll do this for update from 10.6.4 to 10.6.6 - First as you said I´ll make a backup of the Cham disk 1- I´m runing SleepEnabler so I´ll save it in another place and keep it in order to put it again after the update (by the way after the update I just save the sleepenabler.kext in the E/E folder as a normal file?) 2- The I update with the apple update to 10.6.6 and reboot it 3- In 10.6.6, I´ll need to change the AppleHDA.kext from SL/S/L/E for the file that you put it in the post with this instructions: 4- put back the sleepenabler.kext (do I need to use terminal or something???? 5 - Reboot n finish. I understand there`s no change in the 10.6.6 update, so that´s all Please correct me if I´m wrong. Thank you very much!
  3. HI blackosx! Some weeks ago, I asked you for instructions in order to update my soft from 10.6.4 to 10.6.5. But you were bussy probably. Now I like to ask you for some help to go from 10.6.4 to 10.6.6 Can you help me? I´ll like to know witch files change, and how to do it. At the end I´ll write a guide for someone else. My hardware mobo GA-EP45-UD3L Video 8800GT HDD 750 Gb samsung 2 monitors Samsung 2253NW Thanks again my friend!
  4. Hi blackosx, how are you? As usual when some update appears I get into the forum for help. Since my last update a new Chamelion RC5 and the 10.6.5 update were the novelties. 1- What should I do for the RC5 update? 2- Can you specify more in detail how to update from 10.6.4 to 10.6.5 please? As usual I´ll try to make a dummies guide for everyone My hardware mobo GA-EP45-UD3L Video 8800GT HDD 750 Gb samsung 2 monitors Samsung 2253NW Thanks again my friend!
  5. Once again thank you very much! looks like Bonjour is working, I was the problem not the bonjour. Well, i think its working with the kexts in the E/E folder and not because the if config, because I remove the kexts and stop working. Do you think that could be usseful if I make an abstract of my experience, with your help and my entire gratitude for this, with the steps to the succsess in the upgrade from 10.6.2 to 10.6.4? Thank you very much blackosx!
  6. Now when I put again the kext in the E/E folder looks like bonjour wants to work, but I doesn´t work. I start up the Itunes I can share my music with other itunes.... my bluetooth is working but I can´t see my printers or sync with the iphone... Should I remove the ifconfig? as you said in the instructions So I can remove the bonjour64 folder from /Library/StartupItems/ which contains but where is the if config??? this is the correct way to remove ifconfig?? Is the bonjour working, or not???
  7. In case that I have to remoce the ifcong (how can I do this?) Also I saw in your post a file called SnowR1000 in order to fix the Bonjour issue. If I try this one showld I remove the Realtek and IONetworkingFamily kets from E/E and remove the if config instalation? This last one I don´t know how remove ot.
  8. With your help, yes it was, thank you Bonjour still not working First I remove the RealtekSL and IONetworkingFamily kets from the E/E folder Reboot the I followed your instructions: Bounjour still not working Can you help me again, please?
  9. hi blackosx! Well finally I update to 10.6.4 with 90% of success Almost everything is working Sound OK Sleep OK Network partialy Bonjour NOT WORKING As you said in the IONetworkingFamily.kext and in the RealtekR1000SL.kext edit the info.plist with text manager and replace this: <key>OSBundleRequired</key> <string>Network-Root</string> for this: <key>OSBundleRequired</key> <string>Root</string> Did I do something wrong? It´s easer if I run the Realtek bonjour enabler?? Thank you very much for everything!
  10. Thanks again blackosx! about this step: It´s in page 7/8 of the Part 4 of your guide The only diference with your instructions is that I don´t need to edit the RealtekR1000SL.kext from Support Files/Part4/5/ in to /E/E. because I already made it when I install the 10.6.2 version. Thank you very much, I´ll do the upgrade and make an abstract of it
  11. GREAT ! Thank you again I´ll write it again (as an idiot´s guide, like me) if someone else needs to upgrade from 10.6.2 to 10.6.4 1 - Remove Sleepenabler.kext from /E/E 2 - Remove LegacyHDA.kext from /E/E 3 - Remove IONetworkingFamily.kext (NOT ERASE IT, just temporaly remove it, after the upgrade we copy this file again in the E/E folder 4 - Reboot 5 - Upgrade to 10.6.4 6 - Reboot 7 - Add SleepEnabler for 10.6.4 from support files in to /E/E 8 - Re-copy the IONetworkingFamily.kext that we remove in the step 3 9 - Remove (backup) AppleHDA.kext from /S/L/E (in the SnowLeopard disk System/Library/Extensions) Make a backup copy just in case of this file 10 - Add patched AppleHDA.kext for 10.6.4 from support files in to /S/L/E with Terminal INSTRUCTIONS FOR THIS STEP (by blackosx off course) The next steps I can´t understand them very well, I need your help again 11 - Set root:wheel ownership and 755 permissions with Terminal. 12 - Rebuild kextcache 13 - Reboot (this one is easy )
  12. Thank you very much blackosx!!!!!!!!! So, as a resume: for a normal upgrade (with out the safer mode removing the kext from the E/E folder) 1- I must erase the SpleepEnabler.kext from the E/E folder 2- erase the AppleHDA.kext and LegacyHDA.kext from the E/E folder 3- install the new patched AppleHDA.kext in the S/L/E (SnowLeopard/Library/Extensions), by the way this folder is empty now. 4-upgrade to 10.6.4 6-reboot normaly 7-copy the SleepEnabler.kext in the E/E folder Remember now I´m runing 10.6.2 and not the 10.6.3 Please let me know if I´m wright, and if I need to do something else Thank you very much!
  13. Dear blackosx, once again thank you for sharing all your knowledge ! Currently I´m running MACOSX 10.6.2 (thank you fro this) and I´ll like to upgrade to 10.6.4 My hardware mobo GA-EP45-UD3L Video 8800GT HDD 750 Gb samsung 2 monitors Samsung 2253NW in the E/E folder I have: fakesmc.kext IONetworkingFamily.kext KegacyHDA.kext NullCPUPoerManagement.kext OrangeIconFix.kext RealtekR1000SL.kext SleepEnabler.kext Once again I need your help because I didn´t make the 10.6.3 upgrade and now the 10.6.4 is the only avaible one, so I need to jump one upgrade. Also I already have a Time Machine backup just in case. So (correct me If I´m wrong) if something fails durning the upgrade I just insert the boot CD, Install the SL in the SnowLeopard partition and run the Time Machine when, at the end of the SL instalation, the SL ask me if I have some SL Time Machine backup. The Cham files are in the Backup partition (the files corresponding to the 10.6.2), so it must work, I´m wright? Thank you very much!
  14. Hi I`ll like to know if there some forum or something where is a list for the updates. I mean witch update you can use and witch one you must avoid at least until the write kp arrives. Today there´s a bonjour, airport, safari 4,04 and security update could I use them?