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  1. Thanks for the suggestion, but SSDT generated with latest ssdtPRGen seems get worse. In fact now I've problem with Sleep/Wake (black screen instead of sleeping and crash on wake) and anyway CPU never reach 800Mhz. I've also tried without ur DSDT and without PluginType or any other Table dropping... a baseline system... and seems that in that situation CPU reach 800Mhz as you can see here: but PM seems however not enabled because X86PlatformPlugin is not present under CPU0@0 in IOReg Any suggestion?
  2. Thank you very much. I noticed however that in my previous scenario with PluginType=YES my CPU frequency always stay between 3.5 and 3.9Ghz also in 1% utilization. Now with your tips (disabling Generate PluginType) situation seems better, but however also in very low utilization, frequency stay on higher value... and I don't now if it is normal. See image attached: and the GT green line never move... is it normal?
  3. Thank you very much for the time you dedicate us. Only same declaration if you can... I notice that in your revisited config.plist for me, you removed ACPI/SSDT/Generate/PluginType=YES. I knew it is mandatory for correct PM with KabyLake CPU, or otherwise I had to provide a patched XPMC SSDT... Is it not true? Another thing, you removed my PEGP to GFX0 patch, that I read elsewhere could be necessary with my AMD Sapphire RX 560 to avoid possible problems and enable HEVC support. Is not true? Last thing, can you please explain me what kind of patch did you applied in DSDT.aml? Just to learn something more.... Thank you very much.
  4. Thanks to your superb guide, I finally installed High Sierra 10.13.2 on my new machine (check it in my signature). Installation went smooth, using my dGPU RX 560 and avoid APFS conversion. Used also your EFI folder on SSD and make same little tweak and patch to optimize ma Radeon RX 560 with HEVC support. Everything seems to work really fine, also iMessage after correctly setting SMBIOS. Sleep / Wake also work flawlessly. Same little patch also for Audio (ALC887), working really good with high volume and good quality. I don't know if should useful some DSDT or SSDT patch, so please, could verify? I attached the file you request in OP. Thank you very very mach... you're the boss iMac-Stalvatero.zip
  5. Just to know, I read that in newer system maybe useless to patch DSDT because system and newer EUFI Bios togheter with the right Clover patches do the work. Is it right? In my CustoMac I've no DSDT and system seems to work just fine.
  6. High Sierra Acer 5750g hd3000

    Ah giusto... il supporto è solo parziale a quanto ne so... mi sembra sempre una questione di scrolling. Va be, prenditi un bel magic mouse e va che è uno spettacolo
  7. High Sierra Acer 5750g hd3000

    Ciao, ma hai provato a verificare se ti funziona l'ultimo VoodooPS2?
  8. Problema installazione sierra su hp dv6 6169sl

    Questa è la mia EFI utilizzata per l'installazione ed eventualmente il boot da USB in caso di problemi. Fammi sapere EFI.zip
  9. Problema installazione sierra su hp dv6 6169sl

    Hai più risolto? Io ho lo stesso Laptop e se vuoi posso aiutarti.
  10. AppleHDA for El Capitan discussion

    Sorry... [emoji17]
  11. AppleHDA for El Capitan discussion

    In 10.11.4 There are some little modifications to do in your dummyHDA. Read this: ####
  12. [GUIDE] USB Fix El Capitan 10.11

    Hi all, please help me solve my USB 2.0 problem. I trend several time to install 10.11 using Clover Legacy, but i cannot reach Installer due to USB stop problem with El Capitan. I tried various solution to fix USB (by rename EHCx>EHCx, using injector, DSDT patch...) but nothing. So found a solution by installing 10.11 with Enroch. All good... Create my own Patched DSDT/SSDT, fix a good number of stuffs, and create my own USB injector to make all my USB port works. Seems to work fine, but read on various blog that i could have more advantage using Clover instead of Enroch, but remember the USB problems on CLOVER, i start to test with Clover on a PenDrive if i could solve the problem before to switch to Clover definitively. Here starts all my problems. Strangely my USB Injector fully working under Enroch, is not working under Clover or better, only EH02 ports are working but not my EH01 ones.. but my system has on EH01 the external ports...so no PenDrive. Also try RahabMan USBInjectAll, but with the same result of only EH02 working. I'm trying various solutions but no one is working under CLOVER.. But damn why i haven't problems on Enroch?? So please, can you help me? Here is my IOReg file from Clover, IOReg file under Enroch, my DSDT file, my EFI/Clover folder, My USB Injector Any help? CLOVER.zip IOReg-Clover.zip IOReg-Enroch.zip DSDT.aml.zip MyUsb_kext.zip
  13. Chiedo scusa, ma non ho capito dove ho sbagliato. Ho chiesto un semplice aiuto senza infrangere regole...credo.
  14. 9600M GT

    Hi all. i follow this How-To with my Sony Vaio AW21S/B that has almost the same hardware. All it's perfect but i have problem with video (nVidia 9600M GT) becouse after replacing info.boot.plist, at reboot the internal monitor goes black, but i hear audio. So i connect an external LCD monitor to vga-out and in fact is fully working, also for QE/CI and resolution 1440x900. So i have a working VGA-Out and HDMI-Out, but not internal monitor (that is a FullHD @ 1920x1080) I know that this is not a new problem, but i vaven't understand how to solve it. Please someone can help me? Thanks
  15. Ragazzi scusatemi se riprendo questo post, ma è l'unica guida che ho trovato che mi ha aiutato ad abilitare QE/CI sulla mia 9600M GT...anzi in parte... Mi spiego meglio: Installo la mia brava versione di iDeneb 1.6 (OS X 10.5.8) sul mio Notebook Sony Vaio AW21S/B. Tutto funziona perfettamente (Compreso audio e webcam). Per la sk video, non installo nulla in fase di installazione, ed al primo reboot seguo alla lettera la guida di Paxx. Ma dopo il riavvio il monitor diventa nero, ma sento tranquillamente l'audio. Allora collego un monitor esterno da 19" all'attacco vga del notebook...e magia... funziona, mi vede la risoluzione del monitor esterno che è 1440x900 e QE/CI attivi...una scheggia... MA NON NE VUOLE SAPERE DI FUNZIONARE IL MONITOR INTEGRATO DEL NOTEBOOK che è un FullHD da 18" e risoluzione 1920x1080. Ovviamente per far funzionare il monitor integrato sono costretto ad eliminare proprio i kexts modificati, ma cosi ho solo una risoluzione di 1024x768 e senza QE/CI. Ho sentito che questo del monitor nero perchè funzionano solo gli attacchi esterni VGA e HDMI non è un problema nuovo, ma non ho capito proprio come risolverlo. Per favore qualcuno che sa come risolvere il mio problema? Grazie