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  1. Samsung NF310?

    Anyone tried hackintoshing this model? I have high hopes for this one, seeing as N310 has 100% compatibility on charts. Any experiences?
  2. !NEW Speedtouch USB Driver �

    testing now P.S. this link is dead in first post http://www.iie.uni.lodz.pl/cgi-bin/man/man2html?8+pppoa3 and vci vpi for poland is 0.35 (for Netia and Neostrada providers) edit: No luck for me, half speed on any firmware tested, it looks like async problem on my connection, half is better than nothing tho . thank you for your work. Cheers
  3. Linux Program Lists

    k3b 1.65 (burner) basket 2 (notetaking/brainstroming) gnome-do kate (vim mode) digikam 10 (photomanagement/editing) kdenlive (video editing) yakuake (quake style terminal) Amarok 2.1 Smplayer Scribus ktorrent Quasel (irc)
  4. !NEW Speedtouch USB Driver �

    But i'm already using newest firmware (from linux ) and i checked few , even firmware from win 7. Could it be a problem with -a option for pppoa3? howtos for my provider are always without this one. But I can't connect without it. Thanks for you work Btw. Do you know how to change dns servers for this connection?
  5. Firefox 3.0.10 Optimized for Intel macs (osx86)

    thank you for this, responsiveness and scores in peacekeeper benchmarks are really noticeable. But i find current 3.6 alphas (minefield) from mozilla still faster. Would you be so kind to provide some optimized testing builds? 3.5, 3.6? Cheers
  6. !NEW Speedtouch USB Driver �

    I managed to connect using this how to and info from other sites,my modem is silver rev 4. But the problem is , i have only 1/3 of my connection bandwidth My file in peers looks like this pty "sudo /usr/sbin/pppoa3 -a -c -vci 35 -vpi 0" user "xxxxx@xxxxxxxx" noipdefault noauth usepeerdns defaultroute lcp-echo-interval 10 lcp-echo-failure 10 lcp-max-failure 3 maxfail 1 holdoff 4 my password is in separate file chap-secrets and pap-secrets , because my isp uses this type of authentication. This thread is my last hope.
  7. i have same board, but i still can't setup my sound (5.1 ) properly. can someone post what I should put in and what to remove to get it working? I'm on 10.5.6, chamelon 2 I'm confused by amount of kexts floating, AppleAzalia, AlCIncject.HDAEnabler,AppleHDA,Apple02Audio Edit. Got it working. thx to this post http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=162347 P.S. I'm still having problems with restarts, and shutdowns, sometimes
  8. I have a crappy adsl modem for which drivers aren't available for leopard (thomson/alcatel speedtouch 330, i'm going to buy adsl router in near future but for now i'm stuck with this one) , but recently I tried to use this modem inside vmware guests, winxp and linux, and, it worked. So now i have my Virtual machines connected but not os x. Does anyone know how to pass|reroute|share network connection from vmware guest (windows xp/ linux) to os x machine? I will be really really gratefull for any help