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  1. snow leopard dock panel for leopard

    Yup! just use the application called "docktweak"
  2. iDeneb Combo Upgrade KIT 10.5.7

    Dude! Rescue your GMA950 kext first before updating to 10.5.7. pls go to POST INSTALLATION on this forum and find my guide.I think it can help you a lot. cheers!
  3. Hi ppl. this guide is for those who have iPC 10.5.6 on their Acer Aspire One and want's to update to 10.5.7, first of: download iDeneb 10.5.7 upgrade kit at demonoid, and here's what your going to do. 1.go to System/Library/Extensions and backup all kext,bundle,plugin with GMA950 named,as well as AppleIntelIntegratedFramebuffer and save it somewhere you can remember other than your system volume. 2.install the iDeneb kit you just downloaded "iDeneb.MacOSx86UpdCombo10.5.7". 3.press F8 on boot an then type "voodoo" without the quotes.Normally, it will restart twice and do not forget to type "voodoo" for the second restart. 4.once your in the desktop, open the kit again and launch "iDeneb.Tool.rev1". Under kernel check the voodoo 9.5.0 and install.Before you restart,delete or move to trash AppleIntelGMA950,AppleIntelGMA950GA,AppleIntelGMA950GLDriver,AppleIntelGMA950VAD iver,AppleIntelIntegratedFramebuffer on your system/library/extensions folder.and then restart your system. 5.on successful boot, install the kext you have just backup earlier using kext helper b7 and restart. Your Done! check your graphic properties and see if Quartz Extreme is supported, and if it does then its perfect......
  4. palit 9400 GT video Card

    thank you very much for the help buddy, i will try to install ideneb first. thanks again=)
  5. palit 9400 GT video Card

    Hi everyone, I am a new member to this communty and i am proud to be one.I have been researching on this intel based mac for so long and i fianlly got it all waorking.the thing is that i want to upgrade my video card with a Palit 9400GT 512mb 128bit, but after installing iatkos 4i DVD all i get is a grey screen thats always telling me to restart and if i insert my old videocard, it will boot normally. I know u guys are the masters and talented enough and im asking for your help.waht should i do to make it work on my 9400GT? thanks everyone!