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  1. may i know what is the special of this acpi kext? It did solve my sudden shutdown problem. Thanks a lot.
  2. Dear All, I have installed my Laptop with more than a year of Mac OSX86 (10.5.8) with X3100. But so far I have a problem that I don't why. My Hackintosh will just crash (suddenly shutdown) when I play long flash movie. Everything else can work flawlessly. Since the machine will just shutdown suddenly, I don't know if there is any log i can check (from Console there is nothing mentioned about this) The problem can accelerate when I try to start several flash movie at the same time. Did you experience this? Please share with me your ideas. My configuration: X3100 (5.4.8 Kext), 4GB Memory, iATKOS 7 upgraded to 10.5.8.
  3. 1. Does the Webcam work? 2. Does the mic work? (want to make sure the garageband wo 3. Does the video card can use 1024mb now? Thanks a lot!
  4. 有沒有方法 set 1280 x 800 ?

    Hi John and Chris, I am also using Lenovo x200. Can you both share with us how to install osx86 successfully into the laptop? Thanks.