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  1. I had 10.5.8 running my my DELL E1705. But was having some issues with the About this Mac/More Info/Hardware to display so I was trying to update the kernel to a later version. I found Voodoo_XNU_9.6.0_V1.1 online and installed it. Now system won't boot, stuck at white apple logo screen. How can I get this to boot again? I tried to hook up the laptop HD to my iMac and copy the old backed up kexts to it and it still won't boot. I used Disk Utility to repair permissions too. I found out the new files that were installed in the Voodoo_XNU_9.6.0_V1.1 were: system.kext ipfirewire.kext Any help would be appreciated, don't want to have to reinstall everything again.
  2. Dell E1705 here, updated to 10.5.7 and had to redo some of the kexts like audio, seatbelt, etc. But one thing I cannot fix is the System Profiler, it says "There was an error while gathering this information" under the Hardware tab when it first comes up. Any way to fix it?
  3. Yes to both, do a search on here to find the topic which has been covered numerous times.
  4. GeForce Go 7900 GS and eDuke32 HRP problem OK this is driving me nuts! I cannot get eDuke32 to run on my Dell E1705 Mac OS X 10.5.6 with GeForce 7900GS! Was able to get full HW accel with NVinject 0.20 but cannot get this game to work, is there something wrong? Other games seem to work fine... http://www.spam-filter.de/osx/eduke32_on_o..._x_10.5_leopard Anyone with this card want to try it and tell me if you get it to work with High Resolution Pack?
  5. OK this is driving me nuts! I cannot get eDuke32 to run on my Dell E1705 with GeForce 7900GS! http://www.spam-filter.de/osx/eduke32_on_o..._x_10.5_leopard Anyone want to try it and tell me if you get it to work with High Resolution Pack?
  6. I have a Dell E1705 and have it running 10.5.6 pretty well. I used iATKOS 5i and it went pretty smooth. Using Voodoo 9.5 kernel and system 5.0 kext, seatbelt kext for DMG mount issues. I do seem to have video problems though. I have the GeForce Go 7900GS 256MB card and had trouble getting Hardware Accel working. I finally found a kext and it seems to be working, but when display goes to sleep, it won't wake back up. System is up I can hear when I click and stuff. If I press the power button and then "S" it goes into sleep, then when I press power again it will wake and screen is back! The other issue is with EDuke32 and High Resolution Packs, refuses to work with this machine. On my Dell D630 it works great... I believe this is video driver related, as it works in software mode fine. I tried EFI Studios and could never get QE working, so I went back to the kexts. Using NVInject V0.20 right now... Any help would be appreciated!
  7. I have a Dell E1705 with 10.5.6 and using NVInjectGo v0.20 and I have the same issue. I had to turn off black display in PM to avoid the problem. A trick you can do is once display is black hit the Power Button, then press S. It will put machine to sleep. Then press the Powerbutton to wake, then the display will come back. I wish I can get this issue fixed...
  8. I have a Dell E1705 with a GeForce Go 7900GS card and running iATKOS 5i 10.5.6 and I am having trouble getting my video card working properly. I am trying to use EFI Studio to set the video and it works great, BUT no hardware accel at all. What settings can I do to get it to work right? Is there a tweak or NVCAP I need to do? Thanks for the help!
  9. Which driver would that be? I have the same card in my E1705 and have some issues. Screen blanking locks up machine and eDuke32 with High Resolution Packs does not work! Works great on my Dell D630 though!
  10. I have a Dell E1705 and have installed iATKOS 5i and everything seems to be working nicely! But I do have one problem. If display goes to sleep, it will stay dark and will not wake up. If I do put system to sleep and wake it will work. Anyone have any ideas? Not sure if this is related but I believe I have the NVidia Go drivers installed for my NVidia 7900GS card. That was the only one that gave me hardware accel. Anyone know of a better driver? Thanks!
  11. I have an idea. I have been playing with two D630's trying to get as perfect of an install and have been having a very hard time. I did notice that once I had a good setup I would make a DMG image of the Boot partition and save it on my second partition. That way I could use Disk Installer to restore my boot partition to try again. What if we had some of you who have had success getting their Dell D630 working with everything make a image of their partition and share it? I see that my boot partition image is only 3GB compressed. That could easily be put up on a site for people to download and try. We can do one for the Intel gfx and one for the NVidea.... Just a though. I can share one I have that does work ok but does not have shutdown and restart working. I have not updated to 10.5.6 yet but plan on trying once I make a backup...
  12. Need help with Dell D630

    I will say that this install is a hit and miss. I have two Dell D630's and I have one working ok (used iATKOS 4i) on the second one have been playing with iATKOS v5i to see if I can get a better setup to use. I have tried dozens of times and I have been only able to get it to boot up and work once! I did make a DMG of that HD as a backup and have tried since then like 20 times and I cannot even get it to boot up once after the install (which does take forever to get to work in the first place! Very frustrating... If you want I can upload my DMG of my system disk (like 3GB) for you to try and get a booting D630. I have the NVidia graphics chipset though...
  13. There are issues with Shutdown and restart. As far as external Video I got it working with NVKUSH.KEXT posted on this thread. Touch pad I dont know it only works like it does in Win here, but I dont care. And it sounds like your CPU is not doing SpeedStep so it is running at full speed and draining battery faster! Get the Speedstep kext to have it throttle down to 800MHz when idle.
  14. Need help with Dell D630

    Exactly, over and over and it will eventually boot. You will know it is working as you will hear the DVD start to thrash and load once the apple logo comes up.
  15. Need help with Dell D630

    Have you kept trying? I have to do it like 20 times for it to eventually boot but it will boot.