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  1. Slimbuild-132 Dell D630 guide -fresh install

    it's forward slash followed by f and forward slash followed by v not sure why it's garbling, it should look like this, replace the "a" with a forward slash: af av
  2. Slimbuild-132 Dell D630 guide -fresh install

    what's the error message you get when you attempt to install it? SMBIOS is just a aesthetic kext to make your system profiler look good. You can use osx86tools and try to fix it from there. The only thing it is used for sometimes with apps/games is a certain value is pulled from it and used as your user ID. Honestly I wouldn't worry about it, unless something isn't working correctly.
  3. Slimbuild-132 Dell D630 guide -fresh install

    Do the display fix first, then install the 10.5.8 combo update. I'll update the guide right now to reflect. edit: done.
  4. Slimbuild-132 Dell D630 guide -fresh install

    My suggestion is, to any one following this guide. After you install 10.5, immediately update to 10.5.8. Then install the kexts. Since this install method does not modify the kernel you should be able to upgrade straight to 10.5.8 and then install whatever kexts you want. I have updated the guide reflecting these instructions, and have linked to the 10.5.8 update. Good luck. I'm also not sure if i'll be writing a new guide for 10.6 as this guide: http://prasys.co.cc/2009/08/installing-sno...pard-for-osx86/ works perfectly on the D630.
  5. Slimbuild-132 Dell D630 guide -fresh install

    Hey, not sure what the issue is, but I'm working on a 10.6 install guide. I'll post it as soon as I have it done. For backing up your Retail 10.5 disk just use OSX and make a copy of the image.
  6. Slimbuild-132 Dell D630 guide -fresh install

    Sorry, I have never encountered this, my DVD playback works fine, do you use VLC? the 10.5.8 installer is fine, it actually improves bluetooth functionality. The only thing is it breaks a few kexts which you'll have to reinstall from the guide. There is a great post installer: google: Post_Installer.0.3.7 (it's on nawcom) The only thing you need out of it is the PS2/Keyboard stuff, and repair permissions. Mess around with those installs to see if you can get scrolling/tap to work. I got tap to work, but broke my Nub, I'm not going to mess with it too much as Snow Leopard is due out soon and I rarely use the Nub. There is talk on the Dell D630 and D830 guide where people have tried to get scrolling to work, but I've never tried it, all I can say is go ahead, keyboard/mouse stuff is fairly easy to fix if you break it
  7. intermittent bluetooth

    Something that may work is to boot into single user mode, (-s) browse to /System/Library/Extensions rm -R AppleHPET.kext then go to /System/Library rm -R Extensions.mkext reboot boot with -f good luck.
  8. Slimbuild-132 Dell D630 guide -fresh install

    I'm not sure why you said: If you look at the original directions they very clearly state in part 4 under things needed that you need the 10.5 disk. Use the retail 10.5 disk, the one you can buy from the store. You can updgrade without issue all the way to 10.5.6, however for the 10.5.7 upgrade you'll need to use the instructions linked below. I did the manual set of instructions, however, when it tells you to use osx86 tools to repair permissions i was having trouble with it, so instead of doing that I just went into terminal and did the following command: sudo diskutil repairPermisssions / then finished the instructions and rebooted, no problem, it didn't even break chameleon. http://www.insanelymac.com/2009/05/update-...m-1056-to-1057/
  9. Slimbuild-132 Dell D630 guide -fresh install

    These instructions were written using a retail 10.5 disk, My guess is the 10.5.4 disk is the problem.
  10. Slimbuild-132 Dell D630 guide -fresh install

    that issue can happen for a few reasons: the one i think it might be is you are outputting using a dvi or svga to dvi or some derivative there of, or that you are using an external monitor and that monitor native resolution is something 1360x768 and you are trying to push DVI to it. Even real macs can't push that resolution out in DVI. My suggestion is to use a stratight up svga to svga connection, don't try to convert to HDMI or DVI until you install the OS. last option and this option sucks, because you are SOL. Could be same card but have a totally different driver required, I've had that happen to me with dell before where I've checked the dev HW ID's and they matched but the kext just didn't work.
  11. ATI Radeon HD pkg installers 10.5.x & 10.6

    I have this very same issue, and am using the dual VGA cables with same card. Really hoping someone can help. I've already tried flashing the bios on the card and couldn't get the bios to restore, so I had Dell send me a new one. Any help would be greatly appreciated on this.
  12. ATI Radeon HD pkg installers 10.5.x & 10.6

    I have an ATI radeon 2400HD XT PCIe card, I've used the installer provided in this guide but after reboot get this on my graphics info, not sure what i'm doing wrong, any suggestions would be much appreciated. Display: Type: Display Bus: PCIe PCIe Lane Width: x16 VRAM (Total): 256 MB Vendor: ATI (0x1002) Device ID: 0x94c1 Revision ID: 0x0000 Kernel Extension Info: No Kext Loaded Displays: Display: Resolution: 1024 x 768 Depth: 32-bit Color Core Image: Software Main Display: Yes Mirror: Off Online: Yes Quartz Extreme: Not Supported
  13. Hey all, maybe I'm missing it, but can someone help me find where I can customize laptop battery/power mode settings specifically for when the lid is closed. I looked under sys-prefs>energy saver but am not seeing anything about what to do when lid is closed
  14. Slimbuild-132 Dell D630 guide -fresh install

    hey sorry for replying to you so late. What type of network card is the one in your D630? if it's a 57xx the kexts provided here work, you might have to reinstall them. I've noticed at times when I try to install kexts even if i'm using kext helper, i still have to reset permissions to do that follow these steps: get into terminal type in sudo diskutil repairPermisssions / and wait for it to finish, then reboot I've heard of the mac address on the 57xx being set to 00:00:00:00 which causes issues with it not working there is a different fix for that let me know if you need it.
  15. I was asked to re-post guide as it's own subject, if a moderator wants to me to delete my previous post, please let me know, or if I've posted under the wrong forum please move or let me know which forum to post it to. I tried to give credit to whomever gave me the info, but if you deserve credit and I didn't give it to you please let me know and I will update post. I didn't make most of this I only compiled it. For the love of god flash your bios to latest release, it works and may save you some headaches. I wrote these instructions on A08 though, and then after everything worked upgraded to A14, which worked fine any way, but don't be stupid like me ☺ Warning: Some expletives maybe contained throughout this guide do not read to children as a bedtime story. Oh and I don't condone what's going on in this guide, nor am I stating that this guide does anything. You should respect Apple's wishes not to want their OS installed on non-mac branded PC's and shame on you for any attempt at breaking/circumventing the software/hardware based security measures. Needed: HW 1. External display 2. External keyboard/mouse 3. Jump drive would be helpful otherwise you will have to find another way to move files about. Burned/Bought disks: 4. Retail Mac OS X 10.5 disk (I suggest go buy, if not and I don't condone this you can download but you'll need a dual layer burner as the disk is 7gb and if you only have access to a PC then I hear transmac let's you burnd dmg's. You could delete stuff off the image and try to fit it on a 4gb, or you could go to your local shop buy a DL burner and some DL Dvd's, go home, burn your disk, return the burner, it's just an idea) again, I don't condone downloading it at all. 5. SlimBuild 132 disk (burned to CD) *ISO included in files attached* Thanks to JaS for this. Downloads (Network dosen't work out of box so�) 6. 10.5.8 combo update you can download it on a PC and put it onto an external drive, I've tried, it works. (http://www.apple.com/downloads/macosx/apple/macosx_updates/macosx1058comboupdate.html) Website wouldn't allow me to link to one of these, so i'll give you exact phrase to google to get top link) 7. Chameleon (google for Chameleon 1.0.11) 8. Kext Helper http://cheetha.net/ 9. Dell Laptop Post Installer:(google for Dell Laptop Post installer 1.31) 10. Download/unzip all the files attached to this post including files from links above. Just in case I added this guide to list of files to download in case you want to print it or have it offline. This guide is written like a dummy manual for a Dell Latitude D630 with the following configuration type: � GRAPHICS: Mobile Intel GM965 W/ GRAPHICS MEDIA ACCELERATOR X3100 � PROCESSOR: SPEED 2.2GHZ DUAL CORE SYS BUS: 800MHz L2 CACHE MEMORY: 4MB PER CORE � NETWORK ADAPTER: BROADCOM NETXTREME 57xx Gigabit Controller dell wireless 1395 wlan mini-card - broadcom 1394 net adapter #11 � pcmcia O2Micro OZ711EZ1 Memory Card Bus Controller � smart card reader O2micro Oz776 usb ccid smartcard reader � sound: Sigma Tel High Definition Audio Codec If you are following this guide because your hardware closely matches the configuration above here are a few helpful notes: Knowledge of your Hardware, having your laptop model doesn't help, before you start I suggest in windows going to your device manager and writing down all the devices you have installed. Then google "chipset" + type of device you have. Installation: 1. Boot the slimbuild 132 disk. 2. Press F8 when the prompt appears 3. Esc at next prompt 4. Eject SlimBuild Disk 5. Insert Retail 10.5 disk 6. At this point hit enter, if it asks you to do anything like enter boot options hit enter, and if it asks you for default boot device hit enter, basically just keep hitting enter till it starts booting. (if you have to hit enter more than 2 times, you may have a bad DVD-ROM as I found out the hard way) 7. Boot time to installer is less than 2 min, if it's taking you longer, you did something wrong, or you don't have same HW config as me. IMPORTANT: DO NOT use case sensitive volume, it will make the version of chameleon you downloaded not work, also if you plan on using Adobe it has issues with that. Figure out the installer, create a partition using disk utility(Utilities>Disk Utility) personally I'm fully wiping the drive so I removed all my partitions and started from scratch with 1 partition a Mac OS Extended (Journaled) volume named it OSX. Don't forget to click options and checkmark GUID Partition table. The installer will tell you that if you forgot. ☺ 8. Customization page is at the end, button on left. (Only thing I did was un-checked the print drivers left everything else on, you don't have to uncheck printer drivers I did it to save HD space) 9. Wait... 10. Wait longer.. Took 20 min for me. Boot into the OS: 11. System will reboot itself, if you walked away and all you see is a blinking cursor at the top left, that means it rebooted, eject the retail DVD 12. Put in the Slimbuild 132 Disk, REBOOT 13. Press F8 when the prompt appears 14. Esc at next prompt 15. type in 80 at this prompt. 16. hit enter at this prompt Setup config: 17. Neat-o OS is booting!!!!! You should be seeing the Welcome video on your external display only. 18. Follow prompts to setup, things aren't going to work out of box, so don't worry about anything, just get into the OS. (remember the password you create in this step because you'll be using it often) 19. If External monitor comes all blue and internal monitor isn't showing os. Wait for HD to stop spinning. On the internal laptop keyboard hold down Fn key. (It's blue, on the bottom left of keyboard, you can do it) and push the Esc key. (if you need help finding it shoot yourself in the head). Let go. Computer will go into sleep mode, and will right away jump back out(If it dosen't you'll see the power light blinking, just push the power button once and it'll come back), how fun, now you should see desktop on the laptop screen and the extended part of the desktop on the external monitor. If it's not working you are doing it wrong.[/indent]Display Fix: (because sleep does not yet work make sure this is done before upgrading to 10.5.6 and before installing chameleon) 20. an excerpt from roneil4's guide follows: 21. One of the files you downloaded is a SleepDisplay folder, copy it to applications folder and NEVER delete it. 22. Open folder and double click on SleepDisplayScript (This step is to get past the downloaded from internet dialog, it will turn off your screen for a moment) 23. Go into System Preferences. (Icon with gears on the dock) 24. Click accounts 25. Select Main Account 26. Click Login Items 27. Click the plus 28. Find and select the sleepdisplayscript file from your applications folder and click add. 29. Make sure the account you are in is set to auto login. 30. Click the lock to make changes 31. Click Login Options 32. Make sure main account is selected for Automatic login. 33. Click the lock again to lock this window. Install 10.5.8 combo update: 34. 10.5.8 update. It's a very simple install double click the DMG then double click the PKG. Follow the prompts and after Install finishes reboot, follow steps 12-16. 35-36. Don't get scared when it reboots while booting OS, steps 12-16 again. It's all part of the plan. Let's stop doing steps 12-16: 37. Copy Chameleon-1.0.11.dmg to your applications folder. (you may need it at some point if you use time machine to revert back, fyi: Time Machine backups kexts but messes up the boot volume. 38. Launch the Chameleon-1.0.11 file, you'll see 2 icons 39. Double click on the Chameleon_V_1.0.11 icon 40. Respond positive for all prompts, you'll need to input your password (from when you setup the OS), when installer finishes do not reboot. Files mentioned below are in chameleon-addtl zip/folder 41. Run AppleDecrypt.pkg put in your password and let it install 42. Open KextHelper and drag Disabler.kext into the white space put in password and click easy install. Once done it'll say cross fingers and reboot. 43. Go into your system volume browse to the System folder then your Library Folder, then your Extensions folder right click on AppleIntelCPUPowerManagement.kext and click move to trash. 44. Before rebooting get ready by ejecting the slimbuild disk, and to tap F8 after the Dell logo, if you don't tap F8 it'll boot and give you a "reboot your computer error" 45. Reboot 46. Tap F8 after dell bios screen goes away 47. Once prompt comes up put in /f /v at the prompt and hit enter 48. You'll see a bunch of stuff going by and it should boot into the OS 49. Reboot 50. From this point forward when you reboot you should not have to respond to any prompts it should boot you direct into OS. (until you install 10.5.6) Notes about chameleon : The process for this install is a bit convoluted, this is how I got mine to work, maybe there's and easier way, If someone speaks up I'll update the steps. If you setup your volume as case-sensitive you will more than likely see the following on reboot and your computer won't boot any further. boot 0: GPT boot 0: HFS+ boot0: booting boot0: done boot1: error Built in Ethernet (I have you do this now so you can do updates if you don't have access to hardwire then you can skip and do wifi then do this at a later point): 51. Open kext helper 52. Drag AppleBCM5751Ethernet.kext into whitespace (contained in 57xx folder) 53. Put in password click easy install 54. Let it do it's thing 55. Reboot(before you'll have a chance OSX will probably tell you that it found a new network interface) Updates, get to 10.5.6 + everything else: 56. Click the Apple at the top left, and click Software Update. 57. It'll give you a list of things that need updates, click update and let it do its thing including reboot. Steps 61-62 This only happens after 10.5.6 update: 58. You will need to put in the SlimBuild disk and boot from it to the HD. (steps 12-16) 10.5.6 will reboot during booting, so don't worry just wait till you get to OS 59. To fix booting without Slimbuild disk repeat steps 43-49. 60. If you do updates via wireless every time you do an Airport update you'll have to repeat steps 62-65 to get the wifi card recognized 61. Repeat steps 58-60 until the list it gives you in 57 is empty. Wifi: 62. Open Kext Helper. 63. Into it's blank area drag the IO80211Family.kext file. (contained in Wifi folder) 64. Put your password in the password area and click Easy Install. 65. When it comes up Install looks to be fine, cross fingers and reboot, you can reboot, but guess what airport is already working, and you could get away with not rebooting, but do you really want to take that chance? Sound 66. Roneil4 once more (contained in Sound folder) 67. Drag the text file codec_dump1.txt onto the file AppleHDAPatcherv1.20 that was in the zip it's icon looks like a frog with it's tongue out. 68. Put in your password. 69. Let it do it's thing then hit quit when it comes up. 70. Reboot 71. Open kexthelper 72. Drag applehda.kext into whitespace 73. Input password, click easyinstall let it finish 74. Reboot Battery: 75. Double click on PowerManagement_bundle_powermanagement.pkg (contained in PowerManagement) 76. It's an installer and it's not that hard so I'm pretty sure you can do it. 77. Reboot 78. Might have to unplug power cord/plug it back in to make battery icon appear. (it'll always stay going forward) Dell post installer/Keyboard&Mouse: (keyboardmouse folder) 79. Double Click on Dell Laptop Post Installer v1.3.dmg 80. You'll find Dell Laptop Post Installer v1.3 on your desktop double click it. 81. Double click on Dell Laptop Post Installer v1.3.1 icon 82. For options select Power Management>Lid Sleep 83. The rest are out of date or don't work if you select them, you more than likely will crash and I'm not going to help you ☺ 84. Proceed through installer and click ok once it's done 85. Now go into your root /System/Library/Extensions 86. Right click on these two files (if they exist) ACPIPS2Nub.kext and ApplePS2Controller.kext and click move to trash, put in your password when prompted 87. Open kexthelper 88. Drag the two files you downloaded same as the ones named above, put in password and click easy install. 89. Go to Terminal (applications>Utilities>Terminal) 90. Type in: sudo diskutil repairPermisssions / 91. Hit enter, and wait for it to finish 92. Reboot. Getting About this Mac to appear correctly (contained in SMBIOS) (thanks to a3Dman) 93. Open Kexthelper 94. Drag AppleSMBIOS.kext into the whitespace 95. Input password, wait for it to say it's done. 96. Reboot. PCMCIA: 93. I don't have a PCMCIA device to test this with so not going to put something up that I don't know if it's working or not. If someone wants to share I'll update based on their experience. Sleep Fix: I haven't been able to figure out how to get this to work, and am giving up someone in this thread will I'm sure help me out. Keyboard/mouse was a little weird getting it to work, if it dosen't work for you on first try I'm not surprised. Just keep messing/reinstalling and I think it'll work. Not working/unconfirmed: PCMCIA Bluetooth Sleep About this mac things that aren't showing up correctly (don't really know how to fix this, but the system seems to work, this aspect seems more like a vanity item still if any one knows please share) Audio (Built In) Good luck. 57xx.zip Chameleon_addtl.zip D630_Guide_to_OSX.doc.zip KeyboardMouse.zip PowerManagement.zip SleepDisplay.zip SlimBuild.zip SMBIOS.zip Sound.zip Wifi.zip