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    Complete List of Intel and AMD SSE2 and SSE3 Processors

    I was going by the info in the Upgrading and Repaing PC's 17th edition. I hope that the new Core solo and Core Duo work! and ( ) how does a mac use hardware 3D acceleration?
  2. Well i can contribute here as i have a new book with the listings! INTEL SSE2 CPU's Celeron (Willamette) P4 (Willamette) P4A (Northwood) P4EE (Prestonia) Pentium M (Banias) Pentium M (Dothan) XEON (Foster) XEON (Prestonia) SSE3 CPU'S P4E (Prescott) Celeron D (?) Pentium D (Smithfield) Pentium EE (Glenwood) AMD SSE2 CPU's Athlon 64 (Clawhammer/Winchester) (only 0.09 process CPU's) SSE3 CPU's Athlon 64 X2 (Manchester) Athlon 64 X2 (Toledo) Opteron Dual core Hope this helps!
  3. Dave McMahon

    Please help!

    Hello i posted a request for help today here http://forum.osx86project.org/index.php?showtopic=14477 Please help, and is there anything wrong with my post?
  4. Dave McMahon

    Double panic agter install

    Just thinking this Hard drive will (eventully) be dual booting W2K and OSx but i have another 40GB drive that OSx can "have" (my bios program lets me choose the booting HDD or Optical, whatever) which i think would be better! So what do you think (this question sometimes gete me into trouble!) Thanks for help / sarcasm etc! Hmm been told that pressing the F8 key at starup would invoke a menu with the diag -v option but cannot get that to work? is F8 the correct key? i think i am using Darwin 8.01 (but came with the 10.4.5 iso cant find the .img file on the iso to try another method of installing!
  5. Dave McMahon

    Double panic agter install

    Hello i have installed OSx and the install was working with some install (-v) errors My spec is Gigabyte GA-81SXT-FS (Fujitsu siemens OEM Board) 512MB of RAM in Dual Channel 266MHz 40GB HDD Three Partitions 1,NTFS (9GB) 2,HFS+ (6GB) HFS+ (21GB) Gigabyte ATI Radeon 9200SE (128MB) Onboard AC97 Sound Realtek onboard NIC Unfortunalty despite the installer completeing i now get Double panic errors as per the screenshots below (first two are from the install last two are after install) next pic pic 3 Sorry my CPU is P42.0GHz and has SSE2 (NOT SSE3) i think you need a prescot for SSE3
  6. Dave McMahon

    darwinx86-801.iso.gz problems

    Winzip returns invalid archive directory
  7. Dave McMahon

    darwinx86-801.iso.gz problems

    Well i've tried everyting i can think of I just cant get an .iso out of darwinx86-801.iso.gz I have 7-zip (says unsupported archive) WinRAR wont let me have just the .iso (if it is in there) imgburn does not recognise .iso.gz UltraISO does not recognise .iso.gz either. (has advanced options maybe some one can help me here??) I dont want to install linux just to get an .iso working. Is there any chance someone can upload the .iso to a public place?
  8. Dave McMahon


    Thanks man So do i update Darwin once installed? i assume OSx has an Apple update or similar? I think it's interesting that Apple OSx is based on FreeBSD!!! big shock. I hope that apple is a success as this will help the *nix technogys and maybe with colabration will help break the MS monopoly.
  9. Dave McMahon


    Lol! see what you mean. okay i gave up trying to burn that .iso.gz because i think it's corupted. I am now downloading Darwin 801 again and am going to use 7-Zip (after advice from another post because WinRAR extracts the all files and NOT just the .iso (which is what i want) if i ever do get the .iso i'm going to upload it using www.yousendit.com and announce the URL to get it then maybe some people can host it (if legal of cource) so newbies like me have a slightly easier time of it.
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    Hello i am downloading darwinx86-801.iso.gz and i thought this was the latest version well (as you know) it's not the version of Darwin corrosponds to the version of OSX (This is for a 'Standard' PC (Asus P4) See here http://www.opensource.apple.com/darwinsource/ Now i am downloading version (OSx 10.4.4) which has the 10.4.5 patch (appently) soooo is my version of Darwin compatible with my version of OSx??? and where can i get the .iso of the latest Darwin??? Thanks for your help Apple newbie Dave McMahon
  11. Dave McMahon

    Standard PC Multi-boot

    *** please direct me if similar has already been asked (i did check (at 03:00 uk time!) *** Okay i have an Asus P4C800-E Deluxe Pentium 4HT800 2.6 (running stable at 2.92 on boring RAM!) 2GB of boring but stable (at this speed) RAM 40GB "Test HDD just for the occasion" ATI 9600XT AIW Creative Audigy 2 Platinum pro ZS (with (probaly ZC'97 onboard if that dont work)) Lava Dual parallel Port card (can see probs using this!) Basically i want to create a Multiboot for Windows 2K/XP and OSX (Downloading 10.4.3) I had the idea of using GRUB as the boot manager with dedicated partitions (this way i could also put a *nix flavor on it) (have no idea how to manually configure GRUB so am going to look into it) (normally i just use the automatic settings on Fedora CORE4 etc. So is there a how-to on the subject? Does OSX support CIFS/Samba? (for my NAS box) (Can use FTP if not) www.freenas.org