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  1. Hi. Recently I've added a Wifi card BCM94360 acquired in Fenvi aliexpress store plugged in M.2 Key A+E in in motherboard Asrock Z490 ITX/ac. It isn't CNVI locked so perfectly fit it. After boot up macOS Catalina 10.5.6, wifi and bluetooth was recognized and i can connect to my wifi and bluetooth devices, without any kext, as was expected. Handoff, Continuity is perfectly working. Then in Windows 10 (last version updated from Windows Updated) I have not been able to make it work. Windows recognize it and I could install the drivers. I've tried this 2 drivers pack: 1. Apple Bootcamp 6 drivers. 2. Fenvi T919 drivers This is a screenshot of Wifi Device manager with Fenvi T919 drivers installed. But as you can see Windows says that "There are wifi networks available" but it don't show any of them. Curiously after some time, windows shows a list, but i cannot connect to any network and after a few seconds, list is empty again. I image that the problem is in Windows as the card is working OOB in macOS (i can connect, disable, enable...etc). Anyone know a possible solution?
  2. atomizasser

    AppleALC — dynamic AppleHDA patching

    Dear @vandroiy2012 I've tested last AppleALC 1.5.1 and partially works in Asrock Z490m-ITX/ac. I've tested the different layouts and partially work. With nothing connected only DisplayPort, i only get sound trough rear output (no DP, in fact is not recognized and no front output). Check screenshot If I unplug and connect in front output, no sound. If i boot with headphones connected in front output, (MIDI app recognize as headphones) and get sound, but if unplug and connect in rear output, no sound. VoodooHDA works correctly in analog output. I can plug in rear output and then in front input and continue working. DisplayPort output is not working. If extracted codec_dump from linux, but my knowledge to construct new layout is very very limited. Is there any guide? code_dump.txt code_dump2.txt
  3. atomizasser

    AppleALC — dynamic AppleHDA patching

    Hi all. I have some problems to get audio work in Asrock Z490m-ITX/ac. According to info reported i have this audio codec: Codecs Detecteds: Vendor: ONBOARD Name: Codec: 0x10ec0b00 (AppleHDA) Realtek (Unknown) (10ec:0b00) Rev.(00100001) Controller 8086:a170 (sub-ven:1849:1204) So, according this, the mobo has Realtek ALCS1200. But if I add different layout-id i never got audio to work. But if i Fake ID with FakePCII to 8086:1a70 i get audio in rear connector but never over HDMI. Please, anyone knows how solve it? ALCS1200 is supported by AppleALC
  4. atomizasser

    QE/IC on Ati x200 and x200m work in progress

    yep, actually sound a fake.... what a pitty! Que pena paarecia creible!
  5. atomizasser

    QE/IC on Ati x200 and x200m work in progress

    Alguna noticia? Some news? I wish that beta realse soon!!
  6. atomizasser

    QE/IC on Ati x200 and x200m work in progress

    Sounds great! I want to be a betatester Cuando tengas la beta ponla!! Que tenemos ganas!!
  7. Hi. I have been tried the new RC kernel and only works in 32bits with -legacy flag. Its faster than beta2. I supose that doesn't work in 64bit mode due my AMD64 is SS2. But all system works genial!!
  8. atomizasser

    Private alpha test of Voodoo 9.5 Kernel

    if u need some test with amd athlon64 3500 in asus sli a8n with geforce 6600GT tell me thing jejjeje ok! from spain!
  9. I cannot write in NTFS partition. I have followed this guide but i cannot write, only read. I can view all files and mount with ntfs-3g, but when i try to write something appears error -36. Any1 can help me? Thanks!
  10. Hi I have tried install macfuse in my Hackintosh but i don't work. I have followed all guide, i can mount drive and i can see the file system of my NTFS partition, but when i try to copy some files i get "error -36" WHy? what's my problem? Thanks a lot
  11. Hi. I have some problems with the new kernel. I have tried to install new kernel in AMD SSE3 following this guide. I have followed all steps by step, but when I have tried to load the first time i've got this error: But if i load in mode -x, all works great, but QE/Ci with TITAN my config is in my sig PD: i'm iDavid on IRC
  12. atomizasser

    Is Dual Core chips supported?

    Hi. I read that 8.4.1 kernel not support Dual Core chips. With new hack kernel 8.8.1 is now support duals cores or it is required disable one core? And with new SSE3 AMD patch, are de dual core enables? Thanks a lot.
  13. atomizasser

    10.4.8 without HPET/NX and SSE2

    Any news for AMD SSE2 users?
  14. atomizasser

    nothing interesting here

    I'm very confusing. This new kernel it's possible use it with AMD SSE2?
  15. I've installed 10.4.8 SSE2 only AMD update and i cannot connect to any SMB file sharing. I've applied your patch but, i still have error -50. With same configuration in windows server and 10.4.7 all works great. I've update authentification again, but always have error -50