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  1. Mac-ready BIOS for MB ASUS P6TD Deluxe

    Thanks a lot!
  2. SL on Asus EeePC 1005HA?

    Wireless adapter in 1008ha is ar9285 with 168c:002b Device ID, Ethernet solution is ar8132 with 1969:1062 Device ID. So they happen to have the same exact chipset and model as you have described about yours. If you have gotten any of them to work, please feel free to share any drivers with us here. Thank you. Wejgomi
  3. Wireless - AR9280

    Yes, I believe this is likely the issues we had with non-supported video cards in same series before(especially ATI), so some modifications should make it work as the wi-fi card is in the ar928x family which looks mostly supported in snow kitty. By the way, could you get the video running with the snow kexts only, cause I had issues getting it run via EFI strings even with the Device IDs added in them.. Lets hope for this.. Wejgomi.
  4. Well looks like my concerns about the huge image was justified, I made you miss the actual point, let me get into more details. This is the real issue about SB600 chipsets while loading XxX Setup(Dvd Booting). No matter how many SATA(AHCI, IDE even RAID) or drive specific modes I have tried, it just wont recognize any of the Serial ATA Hard drives I have installed. And whats weird is I actually see the right kext getting loaded(Atiata.kext), yet it still won't wake up the device hence rendering it obselete. Btw, I have tried a few more compilations on the same chipset, they look fine. Thanks for your time..
  5. Well, I must say I'm glad to see more and more AMD based builds released among the community each day, even if I haven't had the chance to give it a try yet. But as long as you keep it working over a reasonable amount of Ati-AMD chipsets and have the correct package held together on a simplified setup, there aint no reason for it to not have a reputable measure from the users, because us AMD users(especially new chipsets) face such difficulties as kernel panics and storage drivers barely on most of the 10.5.6 builds released these days. Still I gotta mention that I yet want to use a positive or negative definition about it before I give it a go. Thanks as a last words to everyone contributed in it.. PS: As for the tip, your source needs more support
  6. errm.. Ati SB600 I say, most face this problem with the same setup, even in AHCI mode. Perhaps some Device IDs are missing ? PS: sorry for the huge image, the resize option appears to be gone.