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  1. Hi Esso, Have you made any progress? I have been unable to get my Elitebook 8440p working correctly
  2. Hi w1r3d, I have the exact same setup as you but I can't for the life of me get the laptop to boot without the safe mode flag. I am trying to install 10.9.5. Have you had luck with 10.9.5 on the Elitebook 8440p? Thanks,
  3. I would never do a Mac Pro mod again, knowing what I now know. But it sure is sweet having it finally working, haha. s1ckrider, I wish I had a solution to the front USB ports. I too have not been able to get them working. I assumed that I had a defective front panel, or that the same issue that was breaking my Bluetooth was breaking the front USB ports. It is unfortunate that you are also encountering the same issue. Question: is it a data or power issue for you? I think it is a power issue for me. When I plug something in--nada, zippo. No red light on my usb optical mouse. It's not a huge deal for me, because since I have my mobo installed sidways, the USB ports on the mobo face toward the bottom of the computer and I just plug the USB wires directly into the mobo ports. Ultimately, when I upgrade to newer hardware, I will buy an mATX and mount it better. But for now, it sounds like we may have to live without those front panel USB ports. Unless anyone with a GA-p35-DS4 Mac Pro mod can prove us wrong?
  4. tseug, thanks again for your work on this. I CANNOT wait till it is updated for Mountain Lion. In the meantime, I did encounter something strange that I can't quite figure out. So, as some background, I am running a Mac Pro mod, using the GA-P35-DS4 mobo (mounted sideways! in the case) and with an Apple bluetooth module hack. I wired it correctly using voltage step-down diodes to bring the 5V USB head to 3.3. Initially I was running a GeForce 9600GT card that worked perfectly with the nvidia text installed by default with this script. However, I couldn't for the life of me get Bluetooth to work. It always returned an error at boot and once the computer started up, I could never get Bluetooth to connect to my Apple keyboard, trackpad and magic mouse. BUT, after I swapped out my 9600GT for my backup 7300GT, Bluetooth works PERFECTLY! I did phsycially damage my 9600GT, which is why I'm not using it anymore. But I am wondering why there was that Bluetooth issue with the 9600GT and not with my 7300GT. And it wasn't a matter of 64-bit vs 32-bit, because I had tried booting in 32-bit with the 9600 and it didn't work. Have you heard of any such incompatibility with the 9600GT card? The only thing I can think of is that the 9600GT required the 6-pin power connector, whereas the 7300GT runs completely off the PCI slot. Any ideas?
  5. Favle, I had the same kernel panic. You might need to boot into 32-bit mode. I am running (temporarily) a GeForce 7300 GT, which is not compatible with 64-bit mode, for some reason. So at boot, I type arch=i386 and I'm good to go. 64-bit apps can run once booted into 32-bit mode, so until I get a new vid card, this fix will do.
  6. Nevermind, got it to work! Also, please tell me the OP will update this script for Mountain Lion once it is released later this month? OP, FTW on this script. Works perfectly on my GA-P35-DS4!
  7. I can't for the life of me get sound to work using this, or voodoohda. GA-P35-DS4 Rev 2.1 Q6600 No matter what, "No output devices found" shows up
  8. Hey guys, So I've been running OS X on my rig since the first release of 10.5. I am running a GA-P35-DS4 mobo, with Q6600 cpu and have a US Robotics broadcom-based PCI wifi card. If I remember correctly, Leopard recognized my wifi card out of the box and I didn't have to do any modifications to get it work. However, by the time I installed Snow Leopard on the rig, I had wired myself into my router for a better connection. Further, since I hadn't been using the WiFi at all, I remove the PCI card from my tower and packed it away. Fast forward about a year or so, I am now in a new apartment with WiFi and want to use my broadcom card again. So I installed it into my tower and when I boot into Snow Leopard, I get nothing. No Airport icon in toolbar, nothing relating to Airport in Network preferences pane. The Wifi card does indeed work because I've been using it daily in Windows 7, which I've had to use while I experience this issue in OS X. Case in point, I need to resolve this. I have taken the following steps: Modyfied kexts and even installed the broadcom driver to no avail. I've even edited the en1 to en0 (or vice versa). I really don't want to have to do a fresh install to resolve this. The problem must have resulted from my not having the Wifi card physically installed while I was installing Snow Leopard. Has anyone encountered this issue and resolved it? Or does anyone have any insight into this for me. Thanks alot! Kurt
  9. kurt

    ASrock Conroe945G-DVI

    Hey, I was just wondering what type of cases all of you are using who have the Asrock Conroe DVI microATX board. ALl of the cases I have been interested in say they only work with ATX and I have only found 1 microatx case, but i would prefer a case that can use both micro and ATX because i wouldn't want to have to upgrade my case along with my motherboard when i decide to upgrade in the future. Are boards that are listed for ATX also compatible with microATX boards? thanks
  10. kurt

    ASrock Conroe945G-DVI

    Have we yet worked out how to wake USB ports from sleep? I am most likely going to be buying this motherboard soon, but I plan on using an apple USB keyboard and mighty mouse, so the ps2 port will not really matter for me.
  11. Hey, I have a dimension 3000 that only has PCI expansion slots. the onboard graphics are i865 series and i would like ci/qe with my 10.4.5 install. I was wondering if anyone knew of a specific PCI graphics accelerator compatible with 10.4.5 qe/ci. thanks
  12. kurt

    Pentium D Question

    OK, thanks alot. Not sure which D series I will go with, but it's nice to hear it works. BTW, Is your audio working?
  13. kurt

    Pentium D Question

    Does OSX recognise and use both processors on Pentium D chips, i know there are problems with this on laptops using the COre Duo.
  14. basically, you're screwed. if it is a laptop there is noting you can do. if it is a desktop, you can buy a compatible video card. sorry. same thing happened to me, i have an inspiron 1150. i am going to sell it and buy a desktop.
  15. What is everyone's suggestion? The two processors in question are: 2.8 Ghz Dual Core Pentium D or 3.2 Ghz Pentium 4 640 with HT