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    Turn your speakers on?
    Btw if you want sleep working properly flash a modified bios and delete NullCPUPowermanagement.kext. I have modified bios version 2103 for the Revision 3.1 and earlier P8P67 Pro boards. This bios will enable sleep and speedstepping so you do not need to use either speedstepper or nullcpupowermanagement kexts
    P8P67 Pro Rev 3.1 bios http://www.mediafire...db4lua28acw438r
    P8P67 Pro Rev3.0 and Earlier bios http://www.mediafire...ied5qb0v0hly806
    Make sure you flash the correct version for your board - if you are unsure which version you have do NOT flash - If you have a board other than a P8P67 Pro do NOT flash.
    Once again for the numpties that may try flashing this to a totally different board or simply dont bother reading the warnings - YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR YOUR OWN ACTIONS, IF YOU FLASH THE WRONG FILE TO THE WRONG BOARD IT WILL BE YOUR OWN FAULT.
    I may have provided the bios files but I'm not secondary support for Asus so if you come unstuck you may well find yourself on your own.
    That said feel free to use the files and good luck
    P.S. If you own an AMD 6950 or 6970 you will need this bios to get Mountain Lion working because you need sleep working in order to get to the desktop. With a 6900 series card you have to set graphicsenabler to no (done by default with the packages in this thread) and install ATY_init (again done by dafault in these packages). You then need to remove the device id's from the ATI6000Controller in order to run the installer (you guessed it its already taken care of in these packages) and after install put the ids back in (do I even need to say it?). Once you have finished setup simply delete the NullCPUPowerManagement.kext from System\Library\Extensions *(yeah ok so the packages don't automatically do this bit because if they did you wouldnt be able to use them without the modified bios - see I do think of you guys ), clear the cache and reboot. You will then see a nice high res white screen with a mouse pointer at the point where you would normally see the desktop - fear not just press the power button and send your hack to sleep, wait a few seconds and press it again for a nice 3d accelearted experience. iTunes will crash but most other stuff works.