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  1. Try installing it with Uni.beast. Audio > Realtek > Without DSDT > ALC892
  2. How do you find the motherboard revision? All Asus can tell me is that it's Rev B3, which I already know. On the site it says Rev 3.0 boards have NEC USB 3.0 controller, and Rev 3.1 has ASMedia, but mine is Renasas. I bought my board before they discovered the SATA issue and sent it in for repair/replacement (hopefully the latter). It says Rev 1.01 on the board itself. Thanks Andy for all your help. Apparently, the only difference between Rev 3.0 and 3.1 is the USB 3.0 controller, as indicated above. Renasas merged with NEC, so apparently I have Rev 3.0? I don't know any other way of telling... Update: I flashed the BIOS with the modified 3.0, no problems. After deleting NullCPUPowerManagement and clearing cache (~/Caches/), sleep and speedstep still don't work... Tried patching AppleCPUPowerManagement via Uni.beast ML and installing SleepEnabler, which just results in a KP.
  3. I'd like to try this on my GTX460 as well, just need to figure out what it all means :S
  4. sbl03

    [REQUEST] Driver for GTX 460 for my motherboard?

    Are you running Lion? If so, download Chimera bootloader using [url="http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/279450-why-insanelymac-does-not-support-tonymacx86/"]#####[/url], and you probably have to re-install Lion if that doesn't work. If you are running 10.6.8 or older, then you can try tonymac's drivers - http://www.tonymacx86.com/1010110101/tonym...pdate-2.1.0.zip
  5. Using OpenGL Extensions Viewer, I can see that I only have OpenGL version 2.1 on my MSI Cyclone GTX 460 1GB card. Is it possible to run OpenGL 3 or higher? Asus P8P67 Pro i5-2500K GTX 460 8GB 1600MHz Thanks!
  6. sbl03

    [REQUEST] Driver for GTX 460 for my motherboard?

    GTX460 should be supported by the latest Chimera, without needing to install additional drivers.
  7. Grr, I get the same error with the same card after doing BOTH netkas and this, and restarting. I checked that the changes were still there and they were, after the restart. What's wrong NVM! Somehow, my edits were wrong. Works now. Thanks.
  8. An error was returned by the decoder layer. This may happen for example because of bitstream/data errors during a decode operation. This error may also be returned from VDADecoderCreate when hardware decoder resources are available on the system but currently in use by another process. VDADecoderCreate failed. err: -12473 -- GTX460 1GB Asus P8P67 Pro i5-2500K 8GB 1600MHz Lion 10.7.1 2 monitors connected, both lower than 1080p
  9. I don't think it's possible to install Lion without having Snow Leopard 10.6.8, but I'd love to be corrected.
  10. Can anyone post what BIOS settings they used to install this? Do you just use default with 32 cpu ratio and speedstep/turbo off? Thanks!
  11. When first installing OS X, what boot flags should I use? I have i5-2500K and GTX 460.
  12. Is it possible to install Snow Leopard without an existing Leopard install? Can't find any guides for it. Thanks.
  13. I installed Snow on an external HD partition, so its not on the same drive as my Leopard. Is the kernel panic I get within seconds of booting related to mkworker?
  14. I'm installing this on a UD3R, and I got all the way to the Welcome screen and past registration, but mere seconds after that, I get "You need to restart your computer". Is this a kernel panic? I manage to boot onto the desktop now, but i get the same message just seconds after i boot up. (I think it has something to do with me pressing system preferences?)