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  1. valkin

    Chameleon Wizard - Utility for Chameleon.

    Ur welcome mate - just doing our part to help :-)
  2. valkin

    Chameleon Wizard - Utility for Chameleon.

    Hi, If you need hosting OSXLatitude is willing to host eg. cwiz.osxlatitude.com that you can host whatever files on that you need. Catch me on skype: Lbollerup for a chat if you need help. //Leon
  3. Hi, As one of the founders of OSXL i'll like to step in for a sec and say that you did nothing wrong - OSXL have a similar rule set to IM and we do not accept pirate stuff posted on our site - that said - i think its safe to say that after osxl and myhack merged that tonys evergoing hate for the competition have hit our site - that said - its not anything we care about - if tony want to live in the past .. so be in.. and thats where the difference between a "for profit" org. vs. a "non-profit" org. comes into play. 99% of our users is on IM also.. i would hope.. that many of them is on Tony also - and that they use the sites and services as they need to and see thru this childish play by Tony. //Leon
  4. valkin

    Intel HD Graphics (0x00468086) QE/CI on Lenovo X201

    aka.. yours suck to :-)
  5. valkin

    Intel HD Graphics (0x00468086) QE/CI on Lenovo X201

    Yes i am - We are allready doing a bit of research.. on the x201s that i am currently testing on its a bit warmer than in Linux/Windows, but only marginal - wich could lead me to believe that the CPU have to handle some of the graphics processing instead of letting the GPU handle it. Have a well configured smbios+ssdt+dsdt goes along way to fixing most issues - so the main issue remains the low openGL performance - i will assign one of our best guys to have a look at it next week - but if anyone here have some ideas - please do let me know.
  6. valkin

    Intel HD Graphics (0x00468086) QE/CI on Lenovo X201

    Hi, I managed to get it working. Guide posted here: http://forum.osxlatitude.com/index.php?/topic/2833-install-osx-on-lenovo-thinkpad-x201s/ and added to the EDP repo - quite a few tweaks was needed to framebuffer. Question, how is your OpenGL performance.. mine sucks.. look here:
  7. Hi, Got my hands on a nice little x201s - wonderfull machine, please of resources to move around with. However, after installing ML10.8.3 the screen (also did during installation) like this: Any ideas ? I have tried a bunch of DSDT patches (duallink etc.) and i'm using a patched framebuffer to get QE/CI since its a first gen Intel HD
  8. valkin

    Intel HD Graphics (0x00468086) QE/CI on Lenovo X201

    Hi, Ever seen this before ? this is on a x201s (with 1440x900 in resolution)
  9. valkin

    Intel HD Graphics (0x00468086) QE/CI on Lenovo X201

    Hey, I sent you a private message, would you mind getting back to me when you have time ?
  10. Hi bisk, Its true that EDP contains alot of data for the different models.. more being added everyday .. think we are approaching around 50 models - with plans for around 50 more soon. I suggest that if you find any improvements that we can commit to EDP, then let me know. About sleep, then check out this: http://www.osxlatitude.com/getting-sleep-to-work-on-your-dell/ Slice, is that old girl still running ? .. amazing :-) .. replaced mine with a Samsung 900x3c .. //Leon
  11. Allright, might be to early for this (read: need coffee) .. but where do i find the downloads ?
  12. Hi, Can anyone attache the module+a cham here ? (i'm at the office with no chance to compile it)
  13. Hi, The best solution is to use a DSDT fix, i havent had time to look your DSDT yet.. sorry.. out on a business trip. Until then (since we need to find your ID anyway) - give this a try: http://www.macbreaker.com/2012/07/enable-hd-4000-graphics-on-your.html On my 900x3c i am using ID 2.. yours might be diffrent.. please report back